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by RayW
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Anyone know where I can find some javascript code to rotate blocks of HTML on my site? I found scripts to rotate banners and images but I need to rotate HTML code.
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  • Ray, it is a simple adjustment to get the html's codes to rotate. Shoot me the example html codes you want rotated and I will adjust the code, send it to you, and let you know how to make adjustments.
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    It is not possible to rotate images using only HTML.

    For this scripting is required. You can do this using JavaScript or Ajax.

    In JavaScript:

    1. Assign an unique id to image tag.
    2. Create an array which contain URL's for images.
    3. Get some knowledge on timer in JavaScript.
    4. Create a function which rotates images SRC property after a specific interval using timer object.
    5. Call this function on document.ready() in your header.
    6. If you have knowledge of random number in JavaScript, change the images randomly.

    Ajax is much longer process...will explain if required.

    Let me know if you have any problem in this.

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    Thanks guys, figured it out.
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    Hello RayW can u just make a HTMl page html with example ..i am also tryiing to do same thing but can"t .

    it will very help Full if u .just reply Help me out ..

    thank you

    Anil verma
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    jquery innerfade, just an example

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    If you post anything in this thread, you risk your post getting deleted. Here is why...

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