Please be Brutally Honest with me!

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Please rate these logos. And be brutally honest with your comments.

You'll notice a couple of the logos are shown with a light and dark background. When used it will not be double stacked like that.

Thanks in advance. Can't wait to see the constructive feedback.
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    for me logo#36 is the best by far!


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      Thanks. Please review the link and please rate them. Thanks. If the others logos are terrible please say it. I need real feedback. Candy coating will never help me!
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    I like #54 from all the simple ones (by simple I mean without the dude). The ones with the dude are alright but they look too cartoon(ish) for me. Anyway, good job.
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      Everybody thank you for your help. If you ever need me to critique something I will be happy to help.
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    Number 53 gets my vote. Some of the others were too busy.

    Michael Harris

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    53 looks the best. Clean look is better.
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    To me 36 is the best out of there.
    It's looking beautiful and professional to me.
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      I think #55 & #36 are looking awesome.... it is fit for requirments
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    I think #51 is looking pretty good.
    My vote goes to #51.
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    I really don't get the Title and Tagline. Is this for an internet marketing type site or something else? My guess is that you're buying things from Police auctions then selling them for profits. Interesting gig if that's what you're doing!

    Anyway, if you're just looking for comments on design, I would pick 51.
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    I like #54 for a few reasons...

    - It has a motto, which gives the prospective customer an idea of what the business is about.
    -the word "Profits" is in green which is the most appropriate colour for that word
    - The cartoon mascot guy in #37 & 36 feels a little "farmville-like"
    - prefer the font over some of the others, though #52 has great fonts used also.

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