How do I add code to wordpress pages

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How do I add code to individual wordpress pages, below the head tag? I am trying to add Google optimizer code, but I can't find the page code to add it. I have been doing wordpress for years, but never had to add code to individual pages. I looked in every file with my ftp program, and looked in the wordpress editor. I added code to the index page, but can't find the individual page code.

Thanks Glenn

Hi, I am trying to use Google optimizer, to split test some squeeze pages. How do I insert the Google code into my Wordpress pages? They say it needs to be immediately below the <head> tag. How do I do that.

I am fairly good with wordpress, and have an ftp program, and I am familiar with file manager in cPanel. I just need detailed directions, because I don't want to screw anything up.

Thanks Glenn
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