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I am the student of c++ and i have much clear concepts about programming in c++ but i don't have much idea about XHTML, HTML/DHTML & CSS, JAVA, and PHP .I want to develop my sites and also wants to do job in this field so i am little confuse that can i do web designing without doing master in programing languages.
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    Start from the ground up.

    Start learning how to use HTML and CSS. Download free templates and hack them. Read tutorials. Use the search here as there's a wealth of knowledge on this forum to get you started. Google is also your friend here.

    Once your confident with HTML and CSS, move to Javascript. One note here, JAVA != Javascript. Once you know some good javascript then look at learning a framework like jQuery or prototype.

    Then move on to PHP. Seeing as though you have a programming background, it shouldn't be too hard. Learn the basics (i.e. interacting with a database, variables, loops e.t.c).

    You can then put everything together and start working with premade cms systems or roll your own out for clients.
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    as the poster above mention css + html are fundamentals in web dev...

    after this there are a few options available for you...

    C++ uses very similar syntax to java and should be relatively easy enough for you to learn however php is practically a whole new ball park and you may want to consider upgrading your C++ skills and building your sites using c# and asp.net to build your sites as this will be a more familar playing ground for you... disadvantages of asp to php is most stuff you'll have to build from the ground up, its rare to find code/scripts available to suit your needs that you can just plugin however the upside is you'll know where everything is if you build it from scratch and ongoing site maintanence will be alot easier than using someone elses php scripts as there are tons available for php

    hope this helps
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    When it comes down to the whole website stuff, you are more than likely going to end up using some form of PHP, which is real close to C/C++, and CSS. If you are coding actual console/GUI desktop applications, then C++ or something like C#/VB.NET is probably a good way to go.

    Just my 2 cents
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    First - HTML, then (if you will need) - PHP.
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    1. Learn HTML/CSS

    2. Learn what makes good web design. There are lots of poorly designed sites out there - not just aesthetically but logically too.

    If you just want to design static sites, you can pretty much stop there. However, it's more likely you will want to build more sophisticated sites and if that's the case you will need to...

    3. Learn good database design. (All sophisticated sites are about writing code that queries a database and presents the data to the user). I recommend a book called "Database Design for Mere Mortals".

    4. Learn PHP - it's by far the most widely-adopted Web programming language out there which means you'll find tonnes of support and resources. (In any case, it's pretty easy to pick up).

    5. Learn a PHP framework like Codeigniter, CakePHP or Yii etc. Frameworks dramatically speed up the process of building sophisitcated sites.

    6. Finally, you'll probably want to familiarise yourself with a Javascript library like jQuery to create slicker user interfaces and a more seamless user experience. Almost all new websites have a sprinkling of jQuery in them these days.
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  • It isn't easy...

    You should consider schooling to learn those formats.

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    First off there is already some great advice here so i cant really add much more about what skills you should learn. What advice i can offer (from experience) is to take one language at a time.

    Spend time learning and then implementing what you have learnt, you WILL learn much quicker.

    Good luck
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    All has already been said. Since you are a programmer, learning a new language comes naturally and i know you would crack this HTML and CSS stuff.

    Start from the scratch like it has been said and one more thing, get yourself familiar with how the web works. It helps to know what you are going into so you don't get surprises turning you off.

    Good luck on this great and interesting journey
    Geneson Korankye
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      Two main categories of Web Development, the Client Side Coding and the Server Side Coding.The functions of a web developer usually include web and graphic design, information architecture and style correction to the usability of the web and search engine optimization.
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    I think you must first start to learn HTML, CSS and other basic things then go for web designing.
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    Start from Base then go to Upper level.
    1. HTML
    2. CSS
    3. Java
    4. PHP or ASP

    If you will do in this manner you will learn quickly and will get a clear idea about web programming.
    It's my experience, your opinion may differ.
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    Hi there!
    I think it would be great if you start up with HTML as starters..
    After learning the basics proceed to CSS and the last would be PHP..
    You could also try learning jquery..
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  • I dont think its big deal if you have a good understanding on C++. Object oriented concepts in C++ make it easy to learn another OOP language.
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    First - HTML,CSS then PHP,mysql etc
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    you need to increase your knowledge, go for this to W3School site to read these language tutorial.
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    Nothing to be worried. Just go to w3schools.com to get all tutorials as you want.
    You don't need any master , You can do it just following their instruction and recently I'm trying those to develop my skills about web developing. I think it will be really helpful for you and you will get success soon.
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      If you can afford to invest in a paid web development course, I would highly recommend this course:

      www [dot] udemy [dot] com/how-to-become-a-web-developer-from-scratch/

      It's a comprehensive web development course. But don't the course directly from that link. Buy it from MightyDeals site instead. It's $80 cheaper there.

      You might also want to check web dev course offered by teamtreehouse [dot] com. The mighty Chris Coyier from CSS Tricks highly recommends them, nuff said

      I hope that helps. All the best with your study.

      PS - sorry for the weird link, my current post count limits me from inserting a live link.
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      • Web development is also an evolving industry. From the times of text-only HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) to now, new software, new ideas and also new philosophies have been introduced into the web, most of them coming from the print industry. The web development industry has also followed the evolution of the web with new uses being discovered by education, journalism and mostly enterprise to forge customer.
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    Well, there are many languages with which you can do website designing. However, if you really want to make a career in web designing, then its important to stay updated with the latest technologies for web designing.
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