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Warriors! I need your help very much!

You see I bought a few websites a while ago, they are php based and I really cannot fathom why but they are not loading properly, but the video explains all. This is just one of the niches. It's just frustrating for me :

I know they are probably a million sites like these, but I'm wanting to spin the articles and create separate websites (eventually ).

Please can someone give me some insight as to how I can correct the problems?. If I can be shown the problem that will fix one, I could fix them all.

Thank you.

Ps This is the link to the site:

Pps - The Adsense isn't pulling through either. I don't want anyone clicking on Adsense! Not from the WF at least, that's not the point.
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    I'm afraid your site seems to depending on an XML feed that is long gone. You'll see a warning message at the foot of the page. This is trying to pull info from &t=briamorgreco-20&type=lite

    But it returns the message:


    We're Sorry - Service Gone

    Amazon Ecommerce Web Service 3.0 has been deprecated after many years of useful service on March 31st 2008. Please upgrade to the Amazon Associates Web Service 4.0 as detailed in the migration guide. Please visit Amazon Associates Web Service Developer Forum for more information. If you came to this page from an RSS feed, visit Amazon's Product RSS Feeds page for an upgrade.


    This might be easy to fix, but I think you will need someone who knows a bit of coding to help you out.



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    Thanks Jeremy, I'm trying to pull all the pieces together.


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