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Dear All,

I have customized wordpress theme to the needs to develop my clients website click here.

Home page banners are still in progress of course.

Would be grateful all of you to get your eye on it to make it more professional.
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    One thing I would do is to either move some of the images above the main image of the shoes to elsewhere on the page or make them take up less space. The problem is that there is very little text visible above the "fold" on your home page as the main image and the stuff above it are taking up so much space. A lot of the space above the main image is just dead space.

    Many visitors will not ever scroll down the page if you don't first grab their attention. So you need to put your attention grabber in that top bit of the page. I have a large laptop and only the first 3 lines of text below the main image of shoes is visible. For other people with smaller screens they may not even see any text at all. You need to put your USP and whatever in that first part of the page everyone sees. The main images are good but move them higher up the page and make better use of the space under them.
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      Hi John,

      I agree with Byron, about the slideshow taking up too much space above the fold.

      I don't know if it's just me but the category images on your home page are all showing as just grey (no images). I'm using Firefox 12.0 if it's any help to you. I'd also change the colour of the link text as it is not that much different from the background and many people will find that hard to read.

      Hope this helps

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    A powerful header image summing up what the site is about would help. Maybe an image which tells us that it's to do manufacturing and exporting. Otherwise it looks professional.

    I like the 'verified by paypal' at the top far right side.
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  • Not bad!...Just clean it up a bit.
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    In my opinion, you just have to start a not-so-fancy website. It should be just be simple and easy to appreciate by your visitors.

    In my experience I have done simple websites.
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  • Nice but some images links are broken which makes it more unprofessional.
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    Sorry dude,
    I don't know what happened , I can't open your site on my computer.
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    Thanks my friends.

    I m doing the improvements of what you all have suggested.

    Will be back and love to all.
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    The menu has been overlapping, try making those background gradients, and add more graphics.

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    It looks good ,but the dark background and the white color text...
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    all i have made modified now. you would appreciate that i hope.

    thanks to all again.
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    Nice! I like it! Keep up with the good work!

    We handle all your WordPress Content,Theme and Plugins updates!

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    all products showing on left side..... must check in all browser....
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    This is an interesting site. And good design
    footer site is a little weak, but will be useful and relevant links can also use the card here
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    Originally Posted by john-7665 View Post

    Dear All,

    I have customized wordpress theme to the needs to develop my clients website click here.

    Home page banners are still in progress of course.

    Would be grateful all of you to get your eye on it to make it more professional.
    John, Nice attempt, i think look of products display shall be improved, like you can use bordered boxes with different backgrounds of the boxes containing product images.
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    Template is nice but background pic is giving the bad effect which makes it unprofessional.
    Use some light color in background instead of pic or white color. It makes it more professional.
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    Here are what I believe needs to be changed.

    Top banner make the width the same size as the slider.
    Underneath the banner there you have text, change it to a brighter color.
    The background image isn't compatible with all resolutions.
    Do something about the items, either have them with a transparent background

    Also you can make it that the image breaks off in the middle so the middle is all white(basically the smoke won't go thru the middle of the page)

    Those are my opinions hope they help!
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    The slideshow is way to big and runs way to fast for me. I am not a fan of those slide shows that move so fast you can read the few words of text on them. Also, you have a lot of white space open on the right side, like you are going to add a sidebar, but it is not done yet..... What are you planning for this area.

    Your main image at the top of the page needs something else done to it. You have a logo on the left and then on the right the Paypal stuff and like nothing in the middle at all. This is a major waste of very valuable space on your web page. Maybe some mini images of your products or a tag line for what your company is about.

    Mary Wink
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