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Someone should please help.
I need to create a site for both free and paid members.
The issue is i don't have a good design that is of interest to me.
I will appreciate it if a sample of a site can be given to help me
on this project to come up with something good and members friendly.
Thanks in advance
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    Are you looking to hire a Warrior to design a website for you or just some inspiration?
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  • Hello there,

    send me a (PM) I'll give you a good hand.

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      exta.. there are also free software for this , but be secure in what your trying to achive.

      If your not a designer i would recd word press and a membership site plug in as you will be able to manage the site more easy. Wordpress recomendation is only my personal opinion to you because i do not know your experiance.

      Give everyone a chance

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    I take it it's a membership site your looking for.. if thats the case you will need membeship software to plug into your site wether your on worpress or not. this will allow you to create different levels for members free or paid, and allow recuring billing etc...

    Just do a google search for for membership site software.. be carefull on what your needs are this software can range from around $197.00 to $00000000000,'s. So read the features and if you req to purchase extra plug ins to do what you want it to.

    Give everyone a chance

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