Backing up my WP site and database

by Kaie
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May be a tall order, but can someone give me easy (newbie) instructions on how to back up my site? There is a theme update, and I am also supposed to make a backup of the theme. I am not sure what to do. I am getting busy and can't afford for my site to be down long if I screwed something up :-/
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    log into your server and copy all the files from your site and paste it into a folder on your desktop.

    Then, log into PhpMyAdmin or whatever MySql tool you have on your host and dump the MySQL database. You should get a text file and save that to your desktop.

    Congrats, you just backed up your WP.
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      Thank you! I'll let you know how it works!!
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    If you can't do by your self, you can ask to your hosting technical support to assist you, especially if you want to backup your important data.
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      If your host uses CPanel as your hosting control panel then all you have to do is go to "Backups" and download the "Home Directory Backup" and then choose the site's "SQL Database" if you have more than one in your hosting account.
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    WP already has a lot of plugins for backing up data, search in they all have Instruction section.
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    Vaultpress is a great real-time backup service, and is a paid service.

    For a great diy method, check out the free plugin BackWPUp - backs up database and files, very flexible automatic scheduling, stores the backup to a wide variety of sites including Dropbox and SugarSync.
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    I've been a big fan of Duplicator since it was first released. It's very simple to use and more importantly, very simple to migrate, clone or restore the backup.
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      Thank you I ended up using WP-DB backup plug in.

      What I need to know now is how to backup my theme, this is what it says;

      To get the latest update of the Theme, download the package here.

      Extract the contents of the zip file, look for the extracted theme folder, and after you have all the new files upload them using FTP to the /wp-content/themes/beauty-premium/ folder overwriting the old ones (this is why it's important to backup any changes you've made to the theme files).

      If you didn't make any changes to the theme files, you are free to overwrite them with the new ones without the risk of losing theme settings, pages, posts, slider images, etc.

      Now if you have modified files like CSS or some php files and you haven't kept track of your changes then you can use some 'diff' tools to compare the two versions' files and folders. That way you'd know exactly what files to update and where, line by line. Otherwise you'll loose your customizations.
      I am just worried that my site will be down too long while this update is occurring.
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    All good hosts provide you an option to create back-ups. For instance, you can go to the 'Backup' option in cPanel and create full backups for your site(s) on the hosting account. If you need to automate, try Backup Buddy or other plug-ins that create full back-up of your WP site.
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    Backup Creator by Robert Plank is on sale in the WSO Forum for $7.00!
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    I always recommend regular automated backups. Get an Amazon S3 account and the WP plugin called 'Automatic WordPress Backup'. Simple to use.

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