Please review my site.

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Thanks in advance,
Could a few members look at and comment on my blog.
I have gotten a lot of interest from various sources and would like to boost the site's traffic and popularity.

Tips to Stay Young
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    I would lose that 'convertactionbar' plugin for starters - it's very annoying.
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      Thanks Richard that's exactly what I want to hear.



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        Site looks nice and attractive.
        I would increase the font size in article snips on the front page, very hard to read.
        Also, infolinks links are too light. Other than that - great job.
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    look nice but too many ads publish on ur site
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    I agree with buytextads - the site is a bit too cluttered with everything going on. Don't underestimate the importance of "negative space".

    You have the same ad in the header as you do in the sidebar. Find out which one gets more attention and get rid of the other one. As a designer I would say get rid of the ad in the header, simply because you already have so much going on at the top of the page. After looking at it again I really think getting rid of that one ad in the header will help everything flow together better.

    As it is now there is just too much to look at.

    "We think in secret and it comes to pass. Environment is but a looking glass" - James Allen, As a Man Thinketh
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    i am also agree that there is lots of advertisement. before you go advertisemen and featured images ar enot workking. maybe if you put more intersting stuff or content it will be better .
    bes Regards.
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    I suggest to make a big improvement on Web UI.

    A more appealing websites really attract users to stay on it and browse even more,
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      Excuse my ignorance web but what do you mean "web ui"



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        Originally Posted by raysworld View Post

        Excuse my ignorance web but what do you mean "web ui"

        UI means the user interface, how easily your site can be interacted by your audience determine how well your UI can be, like navigation, visual, complexity.. Generally good UI doesn't need much explanation on how to utilize all you features in your side.

        I like you site, I believe it can make money pretty easily. Just not a fan of that chocolate brown border, it doesn't contribute to the 'stay young' theme.
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    I like the plain white background as a matter of personal taste.
    Also i like picture better on a darker background,but maybe that's just personal.
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    There is a whole lot of not used space on the right, maybe put categories there, Social networking buttons ( Facebook like/share, twitter, pinit, G+ ... )
    except there are no pictures in that jquery box :/
    generally IMO it's a good design, not great but good.

    PS: You should consider adding a footer, at least because of SEO purposes.
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