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Thinking of creating an e-commerce site for my Internet Based products. I want to do this myself and I heard you need a programmer for a a site like Magento. This will be info based products and will need a shopping cart. I prefer to use Paypal as well. Which of these 3 would you suggest? Or is there something better? Thanks in advance my Warrior friends !!!

1. Weebly
2. Anazana
3. Magento

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    I Assumed "info based products" means ebooks or some digital products, if so use wordpress, it has enough strength to handle quarries generated with each transaction. but make sure u harden the wordpress for better security and performance.
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    No need for a programmer.

    Probably the easiest solution is to use PrestaShop. It's free and specifically designed to build an ecommerce shop.
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    the level of programming knowledge or work you need done will depend entirely on how many changes you want to make to the base theme you choose.

    If you are wanting a site that is going to need a large amount of supporting content to sell the products use wordpress with an ecommerce plugin, if you have a product that sells itself so to speak and only needs a description to accompany the product then use an ecommerce specific platform, prestashop would be fine for this as mentioned above
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    I really like BigCartel. I hear Shopify is good too, and it works with mobile devices
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      anaZana is a solid platform for only $7 bucks a month, and provides most of the same functionality of platforms that cost $24 bucks a month and up... Can't list a URL here, this is my first post.
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    There are many of these sites from which to select, and the fees are typically not that high. Do you need a developer? Not for what you want to do. However, keep this in mind. I would bet that not a user of these services is in the Alexa top 1000.
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    I love WordPress for every type of website. There are many shop builder and amazon store plugins, which set up everything for you. A couple of plugins that I have are called WP Shop-Builder and Amazon Goliath (I'm not an affiliate). The shop builder works fine, but I haven't gotten around to using the other one yet. Good luck with your site.
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    There are so many open-source shopping cart scripts available!
    Have a look at those and compare them to the paid options and decide whether you really need to spend money...
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