I have adobe master collection CS4 but which program do i use to..

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get images? Is there anything in the adobe package that has preloaded graphics?? where do people have all those cool book cases pictures/icons for their ebooks/sites? The cool arrows and other things like all the ebook sites.

where do i find this photoshop?? please point me in the right direction thanks
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    I don't have the master Collection, but I do have the CS4 Suite. My suite contains all the tools I need, but no library of images.

    I use Phiotoshop all the time to create what I need or doctor an image to build what I want.

    I am getting near to releasing a special deal for WF members that has a HUGE graphics collect of all the things you are talking about and a lot more. Things you can use off the shelf, of can customize and then use.

    I also have a large library of images I have collected over the years. People, places, animals, objects, building etc. With Photoshop, I "blend" these together to make what I want in a banner image or button, etc.

    If you have the master suite, you have a very powerful set of tools to work with. With it you can create just about anything you want to.

    Hope that helps you out.

    Have a Great Day!
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      Hi there...

      Richard is right...

      I use PS to doctor up or create images, then I use a 3D ebook cover creator to create the ebooks...

      You can also google "Free Photoshop Actionscripts" to see what comes up...

      By the way, I have CS4 tools too and I love it!

      Hope this helps.

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    you need a plugin for photoshop to create the covers... take a look at WSO i saw some plugins for sale the other day

    also for fancy arrows and that take a look at istockphoto.com


    @richard PM me when you get your packages together i would be interested...
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    For quick stuff, you can't beat istockphoto.com. The downside is you have to pay. You just have to decide if its cheaper to pay for something and have it now, or try and build your own, which will surely take more time.
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    Awesome thanks alot everyone..hey Richard also let me know when you get the package together as I will definitely buy..

    it also seems like photoshop is a great tool AFTER you have some sort of image already...would you say this is correct? or are there pre-loaded images in photoshop?
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    hey you can get clip art from microsoft. Google "microsoft clip art" should be one of the first results. Once you lay it out in Illustraot or Photoshop you can save your file as a pdf. Voila! An ebook!
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      From your post it seems that you're looking for clipart. I recommend you post a new thread asking about clipart, that way people who don't use the same software will still know to read your thread.

      The Adobe pro tools are really for people who create and modify designs, they're not known for including clipart.


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