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Hi guys,

I have an issue that is starting to annoying me, well basically my website was created by a webdesigner and aobout that all was fine, the site has pictures and all is really fine.

The issue i have is the following:

When i upload to my media an image whatever is the extension (jpg, jpeg, bmp, etc it uploads real fast but i cannot see the thumbnail , its empty but i can edit the image and there i can see the image itself.

Then if i try to use this image in the blog i only see an empty square, so its not working either.

If i try to access to the image link i receive this message:

403 Forbidden

Access to this resource on the server is denied!

so how can i solve this issue?

I have already update to the last version of Wordpress but the problem continues, i also tried to look for the solution on the WP forums, but they were talking about checking the files permissions.... but how can i check them? should them were supposed to be read/write to the admin user right?

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    It looks like a possible permissions issue with the uploads directory. If you have an FTP utility, change the permissions for that directory to 777.

    You will find it at /wp-content/uploads/
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      can i do it by the cpanel ftp tools?
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    You can set directory permissions using cPanel, as well. Use the File Manager.

    cPanel File Manager - File Permissions Tutorial
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      ok thanks,
      i am going to check that out.

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    thanks it worked.

    But i have just one doubt...

    i have this folder


    then the following subfolders:

    so if i had the permissions to the 2012 folder should it bypass the permissions to this sub-folders?

    because only the main folder received the 777 the subfolders did not received it, well i did it manually but it should be like in windows

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    When WordPress creates a new folder, it should inherit the permissions of the uploads folder.
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