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Im starting IM and im about to work on my first project. Its only a image site but at least im doing something, it might not work, might not generate any income at all but it will a good challenge and ill gain some knowledge in the process. Anyway im making an image site so i had a look around for a theme/script but didn't find any that's when i decided to make my own.

Im rubbish at graphics and never coded before but im willing to give it ago, if worse comes to worse ill ask for help

Here is the design. Is it appealing? Anything i need to change, improve or add? Let me know what you think.

Also the size is 960x768, is that a good size? How long will something like this take to code? As mentioned i have no experience but the design isn't complicated so hopefully it would not take to long.

Thanks in advance
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    Great colors, clean website for the service that you're offering, seems pretty simple to code!
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    Thanks man. going to attempt to code it tomorrow, wish me luck
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    Am I right you did not coded before and you are making an image script? This will be hard for you. Why don't you start providing web design services yet to enhance your designing and coding skills then proceed to your image script website? Just an advise.
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      WOw not bad hey

      Why do you doubt yourself

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    Hey lookin' good for your first site. Coding that into a static HTML template should only take you about a half hour or so... but programming an image site (l'm guessing you mean something similar to 9gag?) would take a bit longer. I bet you could find a clone script out there to save you a ton of time on that.

    Do you have any experience slicing and coding into xHTML or are you just going to wing it?
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    I have no previous coding experience in coding so im just going with the flow, looking up tutorials, guides etc.. Always had an interest in web design which im why im attempting to do it myself before asking someone to do it for me.
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    Nice colours with the blue and the black background. Keep s posted along your journey
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    Congrats for it!!
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    After watching your design I think if you complete it. it will look beautiful.
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      Great man...You have done a really good work on it..
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    i like your logo....
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    I think black color need be replaced with white or ash.
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    Really very good design and looking beautiful. No need any further changing
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    It's not bad for your first website ever. All it's missing is content. Otherwise, it looks very nice.
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