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Does it look professional enough?
I just added the video and social buttons yesterday.

What do you recommend?

This isn't design related but I know it's a .org ext.
I think it's a good domain name anyway.

Many senior sites are .org

Your thoughts please., Senior Dating, Senior Singles, Senior Personals
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    First on .org site…..IMOA the logo should have a link back to the home page. Also I not sure if Senior Blog is a good title because is it really a blog? Everything else look good however I saw the link to the .com site and comparing the two there are some personal things I like better. One is the back ground of the people on the .com because it show them active and outside. The picture sidebar is better on the .com site. Last I like the footer and icons better on the .org site.
    Hope this helps……..Good Luck!
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    Originally Posted by zigzag007 View Post

    Does it look professional enough?
    I just added the video and social buttons yesterday.
    Hey! I actually think your site looks pretty professional.. I'd think you'd get lots of signups based on how nice your design is - but what about your video?

    The way you/he spoke was perfect, but I hated that the background is just white - it looks like you cut everything else out.. why not film it somewhere appropriate? It would just look even more professional.

    What are your thoughts?
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    I agree looks very professional.
    Only thing l would suggest to help "search" opt-ins is to make it a 2 step process. Make the homepage a slimmed down version of the search options, and then on step 2 ask for the rest of the information (so it looks like the user has less work to do in order to find their mate).

    Not sure if that's possible though by looking; so here's a quick easy one; remove the country/state fields and put them into hidden inputs that are auto filled with geoip targeting based on the users location. Then allow them to update/change that on the search results page.

    Here's a few more:

    1.) instead of two fields for "l'm a man seeking..." make it one field. (less work for the user).

    2.) change the age ranges to something more realistic for your niche -- if it's for seniors make it 55 to 75 or something.

    3.) just did a search and see that l have to sign up before l can view matches ... show the user search results in stead; and then hit them with the "you must sign up" when they try to view one of the listings; better yet would be to show the full profile, with huge "contact this person" buttons and then hit them with the signup requirements.

    Nice looking site though l can tell you've worked hard on it. Keep up the good work!
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      It looks really good, but I would widen the outside margins slightly (reduce the width of the main content area just a little. I don't like skinny content areas but I think yours goes too far the other way. Also perhaps some drop shadows and rounded corners.
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    I think it looks great - definitely professional. I like that you kept the colors simple but that everything that needs to be pronounced, is. Change Faq to FAQ, that looks weird. Also, the logo should link back to the home page.
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    Very professional looking.

    The Contact Us/Jobs, I'd take out the Jobs.

    Also the blog entries on the lower right of home page could have a Title on top like Date Ideas.

    Maybe make the print larger for older folks...
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      It is very professional looking, but there were a few things I did notice.

      When I clicked on the "Blog/Forum" link in the nav bar, it took me to a just a forum, no blog. Maybe you should move the "Blog" to a separate navigation item, and make it actually link to the Blogs?

      Also, when I clicked on the "Blog/Forum" link, I noticed that it disappeared from the nav bar on subsequent pages. This makes it a lot harder to navigate back to that page once I move off of it and go to a different page.

      I also second the bigger print, age range (maybe start at 30?), and logo links back to homepage ideas.

      Other than that, I think you did a great job!
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    wow really nice. well done
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