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I updated my template and changed my whole blog all over again. I would love some feedback. I put some hard work into it! I would some feedback please. It is at homebasedmommie
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    Your site is very slow to load on my end and the layout was all over the place. Maybe someone will have better luck. Sorry.......Tim
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    Not that it is a little slow but like the above poster the layout is all over the place with alot of overlapping items. If you like some help, you can hit me up on Skype: topnichewebsites
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    There seems to be some CSS issues on your site.

    The date div, which looks good BTW, is overlapping but not forcing the Post title, social Buttons, and meta info right, making everything look a bit messy.

    Everything else looks fine on my browser (Chrome 21.0.1180.89)
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    I agree, not an optimal page layout.

    There are many blocks of content overlapping each other making it impossible to read certain headlines and critical navigation links. But these are all small stylistic things that could be fixed. What width did you design this at? I'm thinking you have a 24'' widescreen monitor. Keep in mind it's still a good rule of thumb to design layouts at 980px wide (at least able to shrink to that width).

    But looking at the core of the theme/layout l think the fact that the user has to scroll down an entire page before seeing any of your content. In my opinion that is a grave mistake. The picture of the mom & baby takes up PRIME real estate and serves really no purpose, the navigation is 2 rows deep - do the buttons really need to be that big? It also appears you're using fonts that are not web safe and probably look completely different to us than they do to you (since you have those fonts installed on your computer).

    Check out a tool like (they have a free signup/trial) ... it will go to your site with all major browsers and take a screen shot for you, so you can see exactly what your site looks like to other people with other browsers. I think you'll be surprised.

    Similar services are: and
    Here's a few screen shot queues l started for you so you can take a look:
    Website Overview for
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  • Not bad...Not Bad

    I would change the following:

    Header Banner-

    Hope this was able to help out.

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    Thank you for the honest feedback! I downloaded this premade template and installed it on my blog. I am not sure about the width or layout sizes.
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