Long article in Wordpress - how to split up?

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I have a 3,500 word article in Wordpress: 27 essential tools to kick-start your business - Instant Computer Consultant

To my mind, I would be better off splitting this up into multiple pages somehow. Each page would rank for different keywords that way so I get more coverage. However, I am at a loss as to the best way to do this.

I was thinking about having maybe batches of 5 tools on each page, so I would get 6 pages in total for the article. What do you think? How would you do this? Use a plugin or something?


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    Why plugin? It is built-in...

    Use <!--nextpage--> - where you want to break/split your post into "pages".
    (Warning: turn OFF the idiotic html/visual editor in your profile before doing it!)

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I tried that but the title of the next page is the same as the first page. Ideally, I like the idea of changing it so that it says Part two tacked on the end. I suppose I just have to break it into pages myself and add links to the bottom manually.
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    You could do that but in case you are wonding all the options, refer to this page:

    Styling Page-Links « WordPress Codex
    http://pixelcovers.com/ <- eBook add eCovers

    https://www.unicommercesolutions.com <- WordPress Websites and Maintenance
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    I'm not sure if I'm understanding the problem, but couldn't you just:

    1. Create multiple posts (and at the beginning and end of each post, list the rest of the series) and use the same tag on them to keep them together as a series.
    2. And/or use a "serial" or "pagination" plugin to keep the posts together?
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    You may try checking out the codex.wordpress.org/ website. Here you will get online tutorial about tips and tricks to use WordPress effectively. I would gladly wait for any type of feedback about my suggestion.
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