How do you use HTML-CSS templates?

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I see several very good HTML-CSS (Not Wordpress!) templates. I have used some for a few small websites.

I was wondering how other web site builders utilize these types of templates?

Do you use them on your client projects?

Do you modify them heavily?

You get the idea.

Thanks in advance for your input.

Joe Mobley
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    I typically modify them quite a bit for clients that want something simple to work with and don't care about SEO plugins. Much less headache to move to another server as well.
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      I code some sites from scratch, and for some sites I use templates. Always nice when you find a template that is a nice fit for a particular project... that usually means a lot less hand coding involved to get it exactly how you want it.

      One thing to watch out for though when using templates... when you come across one you like, test it out in all of the major browsers before you purchase it. I can't tell you how many templates I've come across that look great in one browser, but look like a train wreck in another browser!

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    When it comes to HTML sites, I always code them from scratch. That way, I know the structure of the webpage, which makes modifications and troubleshooting quicker.

    I've also found it helps a lot when I have to come back to an older site I've done and make it responsive.

    I can see the benefit of templates but if my, or my company's name is going on the site I'd rather it's done from scratch.

    With that being said, I have had a few requests in the past from people wanting html templates turned into wordpress themes. If the template is well written, it makes the job very easy.
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    Yes do agree with people above, for some of the websites you can use the online template available specially for the simple sites, but testing those template on different browsers are imp as they may look wonderful in one browser and may be they look pathetic on other.
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    Those templates would be useful if you are just starting to learn CSS. I code my clients' sites mostly from PSD files. I'd prefer to write my own css code so i can name the styles to whatever i want. It would be great to know your code from start to finish especially if you're designing multiple pages.
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