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Ok, so I've created a few sites and am familiar with the process. Here is my question however, how can the process be accelerated?

I mean, instead of building a site in a week? it is possible to do it in a day, half a day. Perhaps by buying the different pieces that make up the site and putting them together.

Here is what I came up with as the three main components needs to create a website:
1. A Template
2. Content
3. Graphics

Item 1 is available in many places. There are many sites when you can buy templates and there are also free templates available.

Item 2: are there places where one can get the website content written. I know there are article writers available here on WF and in other places, but what about content. For example, if you're builing a website for a dentist. Where can one go to get content written for that website?

Item 3: is a bit a mystery to me. Are there places that take perhaps an empty template and return it full of graphics. I suppose hiring a graphic designer is a possibility. Any others?

Please feel free to add anything else that I may have missed
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    Hi hbteos234, good post and good questions.
    Can you build a site in a day?
    My answer is yes... and no.

    Building a web site is like building a house -- it all depends on how big the house is, how many floors, does it have a basement, a garage etc.

    Can you build a small site in a day. - Yes.
    But l don't think you can wake up in the AM with an idea for a small site, and have it completed w/graphics/content/layout by the end of the day. You could however get the ball rolling in a couple of hours and then come back to it and complete it after you've received all of the needed assets to complete the site (content/layout etc), say a week later. So you wouldn't be building 1 site in a day; but moving 5 sites along each day of the week until they were all complete.

    Re #1 - template: I think your best bet would be to have a core template created that can easily be tweaked by swapping out colors and the header image. Many people have found a wordpress theme that works for them and use the same template over and over again; just swapping out and tweaking simple pieces.

    Re #2 - Content. You hit the nail on the head here, places like textbroker and even here on the WF are great places to find people who can write your copy for you. I'm not a fast nor good copy writer so it's always worth the investment for me to pay someone else to do it.

    Re #3 - Graphics. I'm not sure exactly what kind of graphics you're talking about. Do you mean sales letter style graphics, or do you just mean stock photos that would accompany your blog posts/pages? Let's assume you mean a nice header design for your already flexible template (mentioned in #1) and some sales letter graphics for the rest of the page. Go to some of the photoshop tutorial sites (, -- there are several 1,000 of them) and get involved in the forums. You'll find that they are literally FLOODED with young guys and gals who are just learning photoshop for fun and would jump for joy at the chance to create graphics for you for a couple bucks. Eventually using this method you'd be able to build up a small team of remote designers who are willing to work for very low prices and only when you need creative work done.

    Just a few thoughts l have.
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    I have always used PLR content, you can get this free, from images to articles to free ebooks. PLR content means you usually claim the rights to use and alot of the time resell this kind of content, as your own.

    Failing that theres always someone you could pay on fiverr, but you need to be sure of the person your dealing with, and that they don't just give you any old rubbish
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    I think you can't build a site in a day
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      I think you can build a squeeze page in a day But t6he more graphics and stuff you add the more time it's going to take you. I do think you can build yourself a template that holds your basic layout s you have your site already laid out and it only needs to have text copy added along with any graphics. If you start adding plugins for something like a Wordpress site again you will start running into time consuming things to do.
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        Actually I think for really large complex sites you would be better served with an ASP.NET site This technology is far better suited for large complex sites. in fact it was designed and developed by the company with probably the world's biggest and most complex websites in the world i.e. Microsoft
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    If you are looking for a quick fix to work and sell, this is not a good approach. Simple sites should use Word Press.

    Tell us what type of sites you are looking to build and I will give you resources to find graphics.
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    3. Graphics - I use for all my graphic needs, you can choose someone that's in your budget and you can ask for previous work to see if he is the type of designer you looking for.
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    I have built already few sites in a day, so I can say that it really is possible, just you have to spend on it really the whole day and not only few hours. Of course, that still would be the start for something bigger, but a life, attractive and also ranking site is possible to get ready in the mentioned time!

    As I done it already few times I even did have my own scheme how I did it, starting with installing all wp plugins that helps to make work easier, then adding pages that I considered must be on my site and then of course, optimized posts. By time I learned that even with few posts you can make an impression that site has more content than it really has, you simply have to play with the theme and it's options, layout of site, etc.
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        Originally Posted by KaciKennedy99 View Post

        you must always remember to traffic to succeed his website is an important point.
        Wait, what?
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    I agree with you that three important elements are required for a website creation such as Template, Content and graphic. These are the key elements for any website creation. If you hire any web designer and web developer or use a ready made website development platform then these elements are necessary for a website development. 1st a template which helps to create a website layout or structure. 2nd Content is the King of any website as content provides the right information about your business or services. And last,the Graphic helps in creating informative and attractive website. Thus we can conclude these three elements are pillars of the website.
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    yes you can build a site in a day wt dis diplomatic worldpress theme called weaver11 just check it out
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    hbteos234, yes you can build a website in one day but before that, you got to analyze and understand the requirements and much more things. You got to organize the components you mentioned. I guess this time is also involved and must be counted in development period of the site. So its clearly not one day! wat say?
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    I would love to help answer this. I agree with the one gentleman about using for big sites but I don't think you are talking along those lines.
    I have a model I use and based on the type of sites I am building I can probably build 10 sites in less then 5hrs. These sites would appear different to you but they would be Isomorphic to each other.

    I have a message board at one of my sites, if you would like to continue this post there.
    free websites quality hosting and more
    I have had some real important posts get deleted from this forum. I think my views are far off the norm here.

    But I still like lurking here because the folks here are knowledgeable .
    If you are interested in learning about this stuff hit me up. I have been doing this stuff since the beginning.
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    There is a lot more to website creation than what the OP has listed... Security. Contact forms. Pictures gallery, if needed. Content organization (navigation...). Etc, etc, etc, the list is long, I know what I'm talking about I've just finished writing a 124 pages long (A4) e-book on the subject...

    Now, honestly, the question is: whose website are we talking about?
    If I'm building a website for myself then in all likelihood I would know exactly what I want, then I think if I'm motivated I can do it in 48 hours. But that's because (a) it's mine and (b) I've built a lot of websites. And I'm assuming here we're not talking about a merchant website.

    Then, if I'm building a website for someone else, it's going to take a lot more time. If I have to rush it and the client is cooperative (gives me the information I need as soon as I need it) then a week is doable. I've done it before. But no less.

    Do you use Facebook ? Then you can make money just by inviting people to a Facebook group ! It's called the Instant Income System. How cool is that?
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