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by Bane
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So I have a bit of an issue.

On my site, the very last thing to load is the text background, which means that if any of my plugins have any delays (LiveFyre and GetResponse certainly do) any user navigating has some pretty annoying graphical issues.

So, is there a way to change the order of what loads on my site? Surely this is an issue that has affected people before me.
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    Shift all of your JavaScript to your footer (ideally) to prevent any scripts that are loading from blocking CSS styles from loading through.

    Without going into the technicalities of how to do this manually (i.e. via functions and hooks) your best bet might be trying this plugin;
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      Set this up, and it did nothing for load times or sequence unfortunately.

      Basically my setup is a install of Valor Valor : with the GetResponse plugin, LiveFyre and Analytics. I'd prefer not to change the theme if I don't have to, as that would undo a large quantity of my work so far.

      I have tested the setup with the theme Twenty Eleven, which has identical issues, even after deactivating the plugins specific to valor theme.
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    If you are able to provide a link I can trouble shoot the site from the front end.
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    Hey, I can't send PMs yet since I don't have enough posts (50 I need) so here's my reply below for the time being.

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    No probs mate..

    Try two things for me, in your css file add;

    overflow:hidden; to #wrapper

    overflow:hidden; to #casing
    background: #ffffff; to #casing

    The first property should do it... but adjusting the #casing element as a precaution won't hurt either.

    That should have your wrapper/casing display as a proper block element with bg colour accordingly.

    Its likely since you don't have the overflow property set on the elements above, that your content (i.e. text etc) loads after your CSS properties, so while waiting to load the #wrapper/#casing divs are collapsed and when your content loads it then pads out the elements but without the overflow property its the incorrect way to do it, hence your problem.

    If that doesn't work I'll need to inspect further. I'm in AU too but am about to head out for a couple of hours so I may not get back to you for a little while.

    Anyway let me know...

    PS. I have a site in the same niche also coincidentally... Some decent coin to be made in that market.
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