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I need to do a very quick fix to a WP theme for a website I own. I know the fix will literally take a few seconds for an expert to find. I just can't seem to figure it out myself although I do have experience with Wordpress.

Here's the issue:

The home-page displays content from other pages automatically. But, instead of showing a limited amount of text (i.e. 100 characters) it shows the entire page of text itself. I'm sure there is a way to cut it off to only show a limited amount of the text instead of all of it.

Anyone want to help? Please PM me or post below.

(I develop new WP sites all the time. Could be a potential gig in it for helping out for a few minutes. And, good karma
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    hey Scott

    maybe I can help
    pm me with more details
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      yourownp is my skype

      I am too young to send PMs
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    Ya you can contact me,
    I'm here, send me pm
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      Hey Scott,

      I think what you are after is excerpts on the homepage.

      2 ways to do it.

      1. Install a plugin like advanced excerpts (free)
      2. Edit your index.php file of your theme and change <?php the_content(); ?> to <?php the_excerpt(); ?>

      More info at the wordpress codex:
      I cant post links so just google "wordpress the excerpt" its usually the first link.

      Web Design - Marketing - App Development

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    Hey, Scott! Hope you got it sorted. INeedNinjas mentioned a workable solution.

    I'm probably forgetting something but didn't there used to be a way in WordPress to limit the post when it's displayed on a home page by inserting <!--more--> at a point where you want the excerpt to end?

    Or is that not the default functionality and you need to change/install something else?

    Apologies if I misunderstood and completely off the mark!

    PS. I guess you need an automated way of doing excerpts with lots of pages so this is not going to work. INeedNinjas gave a good pointer.
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    I believe I did something similar as to what you say, but not in a WP site, but plain HTML one.
    Doesn't really matter though, because they all render HTML and CSS files.
    So my solution was to use a DIV inside another DIV,

    <div style="overflow-x:scroll; overflow-y:hidden; height:100px; width:470px; text-align:left;" >
    <div style="overflow:hidden; height: 90px; width:1450px; text-align:left;" >
    <img src=">
    <img src="...>
    <img src=">
    <img src="...>
    <img src=">
    <img src="...>
    <img src=">
    <img src="...>
    <img src=">
    <img src="...>
    so in this example, I can scroll the inner contents, which is something you want to achieve, but with text. so your solution may be to play with the overflow attribute.
    good luck,

    PS. you could, of course, also simply cut your first 100 characters in javascript
    with the substring method - see here for how that works (dunno if you can do this in WP though)
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    That "ninjaboy" above have solved it - it is the only correct answer. No need for more repeating the same... you were warned!

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