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Hi All,
I am working with a customer that provides custom t-shirts printing
(buyer uploads his own graphic design and my customer prints it for him)

I am having some difficulties in finding the right WP plugin which allows
uploading own image as part of the order process.

Any suggestions? the plugin doesn't have to be free.

Many thanks
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    well, funny how for every task/problem, we now need a plugin for that.
    Uploading stuff on the web is not too complicated,
    so in case you don't find the plugin you look for,
    I believe you could always write a few lines of code yourself to do just that.
    Here's all the code you need (tweak to fit whatever you want to do):
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      Originally Posted by Bryan Zazz View Post

      well, funny how for every task/problem, we now need a plugin for that.
      plugins are the real power of Wordpress!

      Will have a look at the code, thanks!
      Ido Jansen
      Author of the "Practical Internet Money guide"[B]
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        Why not do it this way? Use a free membership plugin to help them register. Set the default for new members to be author and make sure they have the right to upload things. Once a design is uploaded download it and delete it from the web to protect the client's design.

        There may be some security issues so a strong backup program is indicated.
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    shopify.com is the best i've used. too many good reasons to start listing
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