Starting Out A Blog. Help me out here..

by Rotwic
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I usually build wordpress blogs (SEO done by experts) and design websites for clients.. But a new found love to write got me to start my own. I'm not particularly interested in making it a money making blog, so advertisements are off the table. Im looking to build a blog where people could enjoy/benefit from reading the articles.

Comment on design and content quality. Do let me know if you think i should make a change anywhere.

here is the blog -
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    Hi Rotwic, I like your blog. I like the simple style.
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    Thanks man.
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    You might want to take it easy on the "educational system in India." What you feel may be true, but it makes you sound way too negative. That's not a good way to introduce people to you. Keep it positive at first.

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    Nice layout and design. But it may be better to show more text of your posts on the homepage instead of just a big image. People can read some contents without clicking anywhere. if they are interested, they can click to read more.
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    I like the layout of the webiste very much. And the content seems interesting as well.
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    Very nice looking website. Just a quick tip. You can add some social icons like facebook, twitter, digg, etc. and also create a facebook page plus twitter profile, connect them together so when you post an article the title and some small description to be automatically posted to this facebook page and twitter profile. You can easily add facebook likes and twitter folowers via fiverr. This is just a tip though
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    Your site looks way too much like the original theme you used.

    You will need to change the colors, logo and place the widgets differently.
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