Best Wordpress Security Plugin????

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Hey Warriors
Can someone tell me which is a good security plugin to use for WP sites????

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    Try to use a search function on the forum. There are many posts already covering this topic.

    Also, and personally, I think you ask the wrong question...Every security plugin covers a specific issue. So what exactly are you trying to secure???

    Important thing to understand is that there are no one click solutions...You need to understand the threats your business/site/blog faces and then take specific actions to address those threats.

    So, my advice is don't just install stuff. Understand what needs to be installed and then install it and properly configure it.

    good luck
    We help businesses manage cyber risk and compliance requirements.
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    Many of my customers use Login Lockdown. However, there are a few things you can do that don't require additional software. Most important are these:

    1) Disable directory browsing on your server (hit your webhost chat support to check this)

    2) Create a unique admin user that does not have the username "admin", with a secure, hard to crack password*.

    3) Once you've done #2, delete the default wordpress admin user from the site so that brute force password crackers don't have an easy time with cracking your password. Their job is already 50% complete if you have a user with the username of "admin".

    Hope that helps!

    *PS: One way to create a unique and secure password is to make up a colorful sentence and use the first letter of every word or number as your password. This is easy to remember and harder to crack than dictionary based passwords. Plus, you never have to write it down or store it anywhere.

    For example:

    "Alabama Crimson Tide 2011 BCS champs!"

    Password: ACT2011BCSc!
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    I'd also recommend a more holistic approach to WordPress Security.

    You will find a number of different plugins that do different things.

    I've made recommendations for end to end security hardening for WordPress in my WordPress Security Checklist. It's free and you can download it from the link in my signature.

    If you have more specific questions please shoot, and I am sure many people here will be happy to help...

    Visit WordPress Security Checklist for a FREE comprehensive guide on improving your security.

    Visit Easy-Email for the solution to all your email problems.

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    To add to the above recommendations, put a Firewall on your WP installation as well (it's alerted me of attempted hacking many times). I've used SEOegghead's free plugin (available from the repository): WordPress › WordPress Firewall 2 « WordPress Plugins.

    There's a setting where you can specify that ONLY YOUR IP address can make changes to the site - just remember to update it if your IP address changes.

    Also, Login Lockdown and Chap Secure worked well for me in the past - I've managed to lock myself out of my own sites using the three above solutions many times.
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    I would say the best one is Better WP Security.
    It's a great free plugin, and it's very effective.

    You can, additionally read, for example, 5 Essential WordPress Security Tips and similar articles to find some useful tips on how to make your wp installation secured.
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    you can search for wp security plugin but i think tha "better wp security" is the best.But you need to install the recommended options.
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    You can find the best wordpress security plugin from its websites. There are a plenty of plug ins for website security and I am also using above mentioned plug in for my website security.
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    from my personal experience, I use free plugins like wordfence, better wp security and one more plugin (I forget it's name)
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    I really like Wordfence.

    Once I installed it I discovered how many bots try to login using the 'admin' username. It's more than you'd think.

    Never use 'admin' as your admin login (like clickbump said)

    Claim Your Free WordPress Installation at

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    Nowadays security is most important and necessary element of any website. For Wordpress security plenty of plugins are available on the internet such as WP Security, Exploit Scanner, VIP Scanner and AskApache password protect. According to me WP Security is a better Wordpress Security plugin in a amongst. WP Security configuration is easy and its also provide the several options. It is the most powerful plugin which provides the advanced security features. It’s secure your website along with database against online hacker and virus. It also gets regular backup of your website database.
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    can i use al three of these plugins togeather in the one site or will they conflict, bulletproof sercurity, better wp security and wordfence.
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      Originally Posted by cossie View Post

      can i use al three of these plugins togeather in the one site or will they conflict, bulletproof sercurity, better wp security and wordfence.
      I have used Wordfence with either of the others, and don't see a reason to use all three. Just pick Wordfence and one of the others.


      ...Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just set there.
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    You can't do better than free. I haven't seen any feature in a paid plugin that will harden your site better than


    combined with either

    Better WP Security or
    BulletProof Security


    ...Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just set there.
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