Please review my website! [Hard Coded From Scratch]

by Blakos
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Hello WF!

I only recently got into web design and i am loving every second of it!

I have just managed to finish my new website hard coded in notepad from scratch!

It is a greyscale design done in HTML5 + CSS3 + JAVASCRIPT and JQUERY!

Please review it and reply with feedback, it will be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advanced.
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    Don't normally do reviews but had a browse through your site all the same..

    You mention you coded using the following technologies...


    but none of those pages other than the WP blog section show any signs of this. The first 3 pages don't even use an external style sheet. I'm confused.

    You advertise Custom Contact Forms (HTML5+CSS3+PHP+MYSQL) but in your contact section you only list email addresses, be good to see you using the items you are selling.

    As soon as I hit the blog section. I am done for the life, theres no way back to your main site from what I can see..

    Lots of work still needed, but that should give you plenty to do in the meantime.
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    Hi. I just went online with my kindle. As you re making advertising for scripts it would be nice to seesome more of them.'
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    Dude, are you sure want a review? or you just want traffic to your site. because you just joined, have 1 post and this is it.

    I see more like this in this forum lately.
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    Thank you for your feedback guys.

    @1st poster

    I clearly use the HTML5 doctype and follow HTML5 standards, there is also CSS3 true/open type text formats etc. and the "Ad" system you see on the top of the page which changes and fades automatically is done in javasccript using jquery.

    Maybe look harder next time?

    And there is a link back to the main in recommended sites, but i am still trying to work out how to edit the logo URL in the theme scripts and/or simply make a navigation link back to main.

    @2nd poster

    Yes like i stated in my OP i have just started getting into it, and i must admit, i only put a few quick hours into the script, i hope to have a page to show off my previous work soon.

    @3rd poster

    Yes i believe i am asking for a review as of which i made this thread.

    And there is better ways to redirect traffic to your site, and i simply wanted some feedback, good or bad.

    Thanks again guys, your feedback is astronomically appreciated.
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