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I have a wordpress site and I am trying to get the posts looking good.

When I am in HTML mode when coding and then switch to visual, make a change in visual, and save my code gets changed namely carriage returns are removed <br></br>, and the format of my post is changed.

Is the Post editing screen designed for this purpose?

I am not a HTML expert but this is really frustrating.

Thankyou for any help.


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    Try installing this plugin:

    WordPress › TinyMCE Advanced « WordPress Plugins

    It helps somewhat with that problem, there is a tick box in the settings area which says this:

    "Stop removing the <p> and <br /> tags when saving and show them in the HTML editor"

    However, note it is not a perfect solution but I find it sorts the issue out for me most of the time.

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    Also, it's usually better to choose which view you're going to work in and stick with it. Switching back and forth does sometimes create problems.

    Another plugin that may help, and which I've used for years, is Raw-HTML. It enables you to circumvent the WordPress filters that remove some tags. Again, though, if you use Raw-HTML you definitely can't switch back and forth between the views.

    I reviewed Raw-HTML here:

    How to Beat the WordPress HTML Police


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    The text input area is NOT for "making your posts looking good". And it shouldn't.

    The visual part should be done and controlled by the stylesheet of the theme.

    You just need to write and publish your content - that's the whole idea of using a CMS. The other main idea is to have consistency in design/layout... which means users should not mess with the look of individual posts (usually, they are not designers, so they end up with crappy looking posts, if they do).

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