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We developed another site and like to have your review.

Site: Custom Home Builders Melbourne, Luxury Home Builders Melbourne - Englehart Homes

(Site in test server)

Thanks in advance.
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  • Hey,

    It looks like it may have some issues with (safari). You may want to take a look
    at that. As far as the look is concerned it looks like it's just 1 big static image.

    I hope this project turns out well for you...

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  • Ours,

    You have some very beautiful imagery on the site. Although most of the design elements such as the buttons and pictures look good, they are placed in odd spots and the site overall violates a lot of common web conventions.

    For example (as mentioned by the other member) it appears as the whole first half of scrolling is one giant static image. Visitors should never have to scroll this much to see more content. I would remove that image and bring other content up.

    Your logo for the company is in the right spot and so is your phone number but the images you have of reviews by newspapers and website are where your top navigation (the main navigation for the website) should be. Many visitors will instinctively look there to try and find other pages.

    So, get rid of those links to newspapers and the big static image. Create a menu across the top of categories for your website. For example you could have one labeled “Our clients” and another labeled “Individual Design” and so on and have the content that was under those titles further down the page as their own pages linked from those menu items. Then you should also have menu items like “about us” and “contact us”. You could also have a ”testimonials” page where you can include that great content of people that have worked with you or know you.

    On your home page you want to organize information and images so that visitors do not have to scroll at all or very little. Break up that one big image into several smaller ones (like 860 by 300) and have the in a slide box above the top navigation. Then below that you could make space on one side to talk about what your company is and what it does and on the left column you could have your golden buttons or some other call to action.

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    Hope that helps you along the right path,

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    Another thing... the images are set to 100% screen size which, personally, drives me crazy. I feel like I can never see the entire image. Plus, when the browser window is resized, the images become distorted. Just my personal feedback.
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    I like it.

    I just would add some social networks.
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