Need a review of my new website please

by itdon
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Hello warriors,
Please review my site and guide me to make
it better.
I am a bit confused if the design and navigation is easy to understand. Please tell me what you think and suggest how can I improve it. Any criticism is more than welcome.
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    It's a nice design,... but isn't 'Paki' a derogatory term? (It certainly is in the U.K nowadays) Don't you think that might put people off using your website or taking it seriously?
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    Avenue WP THeme is really good when it comes to customizing it, navigation looks nice but not its color. it is a good magzine theme.

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    10 out of 10 golden A+ marks ,
    because of your logo it is pretty good and attractive.
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    I would consider a new logo.

    And with this kind of content I would add Adsense to the site (maybe in the header).

    Good luck!
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    Overall the website is nice and easy to relate to and navigate here and there.
    Your home page sidebar is empty to me - try to put in like a news letter sign up, more social media - anything to interact with your users
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    The website looks organized but there's that "catch my attention" element missing. Try a new approach with your logo and your side bar. Get a little more action going

    Mea @ OutsourceFactor
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  • Itdon,

    Overall your design is very clean and well laid out. There are a handful of menu items that have no content in them. Not sure if you are just not finished or if content is not available. If it isn’t available, I would suggest putting something there directing users elsewhere or some more appealing content than just “no posts matched your criteria”. Also, you may want to have an English speaker proof read your tag lines.

    Hope that helps,

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    I think it looks pretty good.

    One thing, the Featured section moves to fast, not enough time to read all the items sliding there.
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    Looks pretty good, but yes - you need a new logo.

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    Thank for your all ideias i change som on this site in this time plz see it and give me good sugisstion about it.
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    looks quiet and clean nothing fancy

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    As other have said, it is a nice clean design, nice lay out.
    The only thing I personally don't like is how the side bar and its content out run the main content area. It is much longer leaving a huge white area in the middle before getting to the bottom of page. Maybe try making it shorter.
    Nice site with good info.

    edited: After going back to the site, now a adsense ad loaded this time in the above mentioned blank area. First time wasnt though. So I quess the space is being used, so no mind comment than.
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