Newbie needs to learn how to create a website

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Was wondering if anyone out there can reccomend a wso or course for this?

somehting with step by step videos works best for me since i am totally challenged from a technical point of view.,,,and i find that looking over someone;s soulder is the best way for me to learn.

thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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    What type of site are you thinking to create?
    Just a normal HTML pages?
    Or you are looking for script driven site?

    I suggest you just need to learn how to change some existing templates, instead of learning everything from scratch.

    To create a professional looking site take time and experience. You will not be able to master them in a short period of time. A better choice will be to outsource it.
    Unless you are want to be a website designer/creator, you just need some basic knowledge of HTML or/and CSS so that you can change some basic stuff.

    This is a site that teach some basic HTML, you might want to check out
    HTML Tutorial, Web Design Resources and Tools

    To short cut the path of learning, you can buy HTML editor that assist you in constructing the html coding. Some editor comes with default templates that allow you to modify them for your own need.

    You might want to consider learning how to user instead. You will have a lot of theme (template) to choose from for your site. This is a faster way to kick start with your site.


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        Originally Posted by TMG Enterprises View Post

        Look for "Create Your First Website by 3:45 This Afternoon" by Chris Farrell. It comes with videos and is very good.

        I think it was free but I can't remember exactly where I got it from. It's recent, only from March, so you know it's up-to-date.

        Tina G

        It is not free, he is asking $67.00 for that course.

        Better to go to the free web sites mentioned already.


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  • Profile picture of the author bryan77 is a good free resource to learn html. Even if you get a program that automates the web process you still need to know html.

    Internet Marketing for Local Business

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  • Profile picture of the author greenghost071 will be your best resource...
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    thanks to all for your helpful suggestions. will look at all you have offered up.

    topnotch.....i would love the opportunity to review your course, please pm me as to how i can access the videos. i would respond to you in pm....but as you can see i am VERY new and my post count does not yet allow it.

    thanks again to all......this seems like a pretty great place!

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    received your pm....thanks very much for the link. i will view everything beginning early next week and should get back to you by wednesday. thanks again....this is very nice of you and i cannot tell you how much i appreciate your help.

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    OK, apologies in advance for the shameless self plug...

    But Todd, the WSO I posted last night might be of interest to you.

    All about how I overcame the "newbie website creation" syndrome myself.


    I don't have anything to offer, but have a great day anyway!

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    no need to apologize dave.......i figure that starting out i will definitely need to use templates......everything about im seems like a step by step start out using steps to make things easier and then as you learn you grow to more advanced step at a time.....

    at least that looks like it is going to be my approach.

    thanks again to all......every suggestion is appreciated

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    Wordpress looks like the way to go to me. I'm basically at the same point your at in trying to figure what platform I want to go with. I looked at Dave's WSO earlier today and it looks like his offer is a great place to start....
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    Start with Wordpress or some other blog.
    Contuinue with your host's free sitebuilder (many hosts have them).
    Regarding content, page organization etc. - it depends - what type of site do you have in mind?
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    best place to start in my opinion would be with a cheap hostgator hosting package. setup wordpress via fantastico, and start learning the wordpress cms inside and out. blogging, and wordpress use are a great starting point for any newb marketer right now.
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    I am trying to study HTML as much as i can...but i think its of no use now becoz the software's like dream weaver can be used by a newbie very easily....and he can design 10 times better site then he would have made in html....
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      Hi Steve,

      Yeah your right it's much quicker designing website with software like Dream Weaver, Front Page, NVU, Kompozer etc..

      I'm looking for reviews for my product on using Kompozer.

      Konquer Kompozer:

      Learn and Master HTML using these Kompozer video tutorials

      Let me know if your interested.


      Originally Posted by Stevecyr View Post

      I am trying to study HTML as much as i can...but i think its of no use now becoz the software's like dream weaver can be used by a newbie very easily....and he can design 10 times better site then he would have made in html....
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        I found one that is VERY Easy to use. Has dozens of Free templates. Free domain. Free Hosting (without ADS) and much more. Click my name then view homepage. I think you will be surprised. Then drop me an email if you need more help.
        Good Luck
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