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OK, the header is goofy. The tagline is going to change, as well, to:
Faith, Life, & Marketing
Yeah they do kind of go together.

Or something along those lines.

Even the goofy picture in the header is going to change to something closer
to the overall theme of the site, but I just wanted your opinion, given the
outrage of my (older) business partners.

My way of thinking is based on a marketing principle in regards to headers
and headlines.

The principle is that they have a single purpose:
To cause a distraction that sparks interest.

Is it too much of a distraction? Does it succeed at garnering interest?
Does it turn you off? Do you like it?

I'm not looking for a whole site critique, just the header itself.

Over the course of its life the site itself will likely to change 100 times
anyway. Just curious what your overall reaction to it is.

On a sidenote testing out Pagelines (that's the theme this site uses)
and it is a very, very good parent theme. Easy to use. Tons of options
on the free and paid versions. Very, very nice.

The site is:


If the site crashes, let this be a lesson to you. CHOOSE A GOOD HOST.
Moving back to Hostgator next week.


Thanks for pointing out the broken link Icon24 and for providing the good link Mafia44

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