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Hi everyone,

I recently started a music review and news site surrounding a small set of underexposed genres. It's my first site, so I guess it's not fully optimized. The site is Chillhop - Your source for the best of Chillhop music . I think it looks ok for now, and I'm getting some pretty good traffic recently, at about 150 a day after 3 weeks of starting the site. Some pretty known artists are already starting to contact me regarding features and stuff, so that's pretty good. However, I'm still wondering what are some thing that could / should be changed, what are missing features and what is good and I should focus on keeping? I'm also curious about what you guys think is useful to have in the sidebar for a site like this. I'd love some insights from people with a different view than me, in order to optimize the site as much as possible. Oh, and I'm planning to not monetize it until I get about 500 uniques a day. Even then, I don't want to ruin a community driven site with stuff like affiliate products / ads, so I'm still thinking about the best way to monetize it.

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    In that scene... are there any events? If so, do an event calender.

    Ask your visitors what they want to get added... featured artists, events, ... maybe do a poll.

    The theme could need some more... more pep

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    in fact the website is very clean.. so on design side nothing to say, still need to add some other features such events as Michael71 said....
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    Yeah it doesn't really look like an improvement to be honest, and in my opinion it's not really worth the effort / money. Good luck with it, though.

    As for my site, my planning is to implement a few polls, change up the permalinks and maybe redo the menu to provide a better overview. As for the events, I'm not sure since it's not directed at a specific region. How would you implement a global calendar? Seems kind of hard to me.

    No marketing, just good free music to stimulate you while working: http://chillhop.com/

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    In my opnion is good, but can be better.
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      Looks like more of a blog site to me than music.
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        Okay, first I just want to say that I love the fact that you're waiting to monetize the site until you get a good following. Respect

        About the design, I really like the large thumbnails you have with the theme/template. I would just try and make the titles a bit smaller so that most of them generally fit on one line to make them easy to read while browsing.

        I'd like to see you optimizing your sidebar a lot more by adding maybe an email subscribe box (I sugest MailChimp to start as a great free option) and make your social media profiles more prominent. Some advice on social: I see you're on quite a few networks already, but I don't see an icon for Google+ any where. You NEED to be on Google+ more than any other network today. Not just for building an audience, but for the sake of SEO for your website. Google has some great badges that you can embed onto your website to attract followers and make sure you have an easy to see +1 button someone one the page too.

        I like the header you have, but I would just sugest making it a bit shorter to being up your content.

        Other than that I have no other criticisms. Good luck!
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    The media template look like iturn like it
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