Really smart how do they do this?

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Maybe I am easily impressed but looking at - their site allows you to plug in your site and then keywords and comes up with a price and where you're current keywords are. How are they backending this - using publically available source? Or a proprietary database?

Really interested.
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    Firstly, no, it's probably not a publicly available source. My best guess is that they are using Google and Yahoo's search API's in order to pull in traffic information, as well as a snapshot of your website, when it was registered (again, maybe another company's API involved here because last I checked Google does not offer "WhoIs" services), it's page rank etc.

    Once they gather that information, they probably have defined an algorithm that inputs information such as monthly searches, how long your keyword is, it's competition, how old your website is, etc. All factors that would make it harder/ easier for your website to rank in the place they say.

    Finally, I'd assume that information is cross multiplied to a backend defined "price list" for what it would cost to attain those rankings.

    Basically just some really, really clever programming.

    Is that the answer you were looking for?
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      The answer on my card is ..this is easy I can set it up for you in five minutes! Thanks for such a well thought out reply. Very engaging website for customer.....easy to get them to enquire and plug in details. I wonder if they keep a record of all this data too?


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