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I have a project I am trying to work on and I need guidance before I can start the hiring process to get the work done. I am creating a article writer website for people to get more information about myself and order my services.

This Picture *Click Here to See* is an example of what I am trying to do on my order page. I am using a Wordpress theme for the framework and I need the necessary code for this input information to finish it.

As you can see, there is an input text box for the Name and Email; then they choose how many words and the number of articles they want. The total part automatically reflects the correct pricing to the choices. The bottom text box is a dynamic (dynamic because they can order up to 40 articles at once) text box that needs to be able to allow the buyer to input the number of keywords necessary. All this information is than emailed to me at a specific email address, with a subject heading for ease of use in the email address.

My problem is that I do not know what needs to be done to make this happen...I hope that I can get the needed help with this.

Thank you ahead of time for any and all responses.

John Brewer
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    I am guessing your form is just done with the wysiwyg in wordpress, correct? If that is the case just use javascript for the math and post the form to a simple php mail script.

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    Is it something I can do (and if so, how?) or do I need someone to program it?
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      If you know java script then you can do it. If not, then yes pay someone to just get it done for you. It wont be hard for a good programmer to do it, and I wouldn't pay more than $35. But thats just me : )

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    Thank you very much. I have tried to get an answer to this for several days via PM with a couple of people and could not get a straight answer. Thank you.
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    It requires some programming. Its possible that a plugin may have met your needs, but if you want it to work with what you have already I think you will need to have the function programmed into it.

    If you don't know any programming get someone to do it for you.
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    There is a WP plugin for forms... it claims it is possible to create order forms, too.
    It's called gravity forms or something like that.

    Disclaimer: I've never used it, just heard about it.

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