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hi.. can someone please explain a few simple concepts that I'm having trouble understanding.

1. If my site's url is: what should the address of my squeeze page be?

2. After filling out my squeeze page's optin form, should the user be directed to the thank you page to download the free report or watch the free video and is it only after, that they're redirected to my salespage? What's the logical order ...

3. If I have a squeeze page collecting name and email, should the same squeeze page also be my landing page?

4. And should the squeeze page have links on the homepage or landing page?

As you can see, this is confusing me, is there anyone who can pls clear this up for me?

Thank you..
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    Put aside for a moment the vague idea of "squeeze page".

    If you have a domain, (always use for EXAMPLE!) - what is that you are/were planning to have there?
    What is this domain for? How big this site is going to be? (1 page, 2 pages... 1001 pages?

    The URL/address of your squeeze page will be exactly what YOU determine to be! Can be:
    - or optin.php

    2. There is no "logical" order, per se. It depends on your own sales funnel.
    Take a piece of paper and draw the path you want your visitors to go through -
    Here is a possible variant:
    squeeze page > thankyoupage (telling them to check their Inbox for confirmation) | > confirmation link in email > sales page
    -- if buy > payment processor and back to > download (DL) page: 2 DL links: the free report for optin + the purchased product;
    -- if NOT buy > free report DL page

    Of course, this is just ONE possible way to build your funnel; it can also have OTO (One Time Offer = if clicked away they can NOT see it again!); upsells = offering a more expensive but complementing product; downsell (if they didn't get the expensive one)... and so one.
    Even on the download page you can have related offers of your own products or affiliate products. The variations are almost endless - it all depends on your products, offers and your goals.

    Any page where a visitor arrives = landing page. The airplane landed...
    It depends what is on the rest of the site; what kind of traffic you have etc.

    #4 just doesn't make sense, so let's not go there...

    P.S. Don't get distracted by the 'fancy' terminology. It is all about marketing common sense. Put your offer (free or otherwise) in front of hungry eyes, take them through your funnel (don't offer side links > just straight where you want them to go) step by step. Make sure the freebie seekers are on a different list than the buyers!

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      Thank you.. let me make sense of all you've written and I'll get back to you! Thanks again !! You're a funny guy, this is the second time you made me smile from your answers. I'm guessing you like my country!
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        Originally Posted by papi70 View Post

        I'm guessing you like my country!
        I have been even in your city! Did all the "touristy" things: Campanile, to see the city from above; the market square; Julia's house etc. - it's true, it was about 20 years ago...

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