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Hey folks,

I have a site in the home theater niche. Sales are good, but I'm always looking to test and make things better. Over the years, this site has grown, and is now a bit messy-feeling (to me).

However, I have so far received positive feedback, and am thinking I might be too close to see this objectively.

First, here is my target demographic: People looking to learn how to design and build a dedicated home theater. Around 85% male, mostly college educated, has good amounts of disposable income (a dedicated theater costs anywhere from 10-300K), has a family. Most are wanting to build a home theater so they have control over the movies, excellent quality, comfy seats and all that - but also to enjoy movie/game/tv time with their families.

The site has been selling for about 7 years, and earns me solid income. It started as a single PDF, with a single-page sales letter format. I now have audio interviews, videos, and other advanced services offered (through a partner). It is that bloat that I feel might be mixing up the message....

OK, so all that is the setup, here is the site URL.


I would like to hear from you, does the site reflect the target demographic? Does the site seem to flow well? Is the process all simple to walk through? Is what is being sold clear?

Again, I have heard it is ok, but to me I'm not sure - hence this post.

I look forward to your feedback. Thanks!
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    Originally Posted by WarrenPeterson View Post

    I'm always looking to test and make things better.....
    Overall, it's not bad.
    It's good to see you know your target market.
    As far as design, just a couple obvious things.

    The top menu items are really cramped vertically, the bar height behind it should be just a little taller to fit it.
    I'm not a fan of sliders on home pages although it's been a really popular thing to do.

    The reason is basically speed. Sliders take a lot of resources to load.

    Likely the biggest thing I'd point out is twofold:

    First, move some of your assets (css, javascript, images) either to a subdomain or off-site to a CDN to facilitate faster loading.

    Start using a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache which will significantly speed up the site.

    Second, and this is just my opinion, I would not have a slider but a static image.
    I like sliders, just not on a home page.
    Don't use automatic image sliders
    Reconsidering the slider

    You really should be using split testing.
    You've been online with this site awhile, so it should be making enough to pay for a really good split testing software/service.
    This alone could increase your revenue significantly.
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    Thanks David, appreciate the feedback.
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