Rounded Corners for images problem

by David
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I need to make rounded corners of images, from what I've been able to garner: a PNG can have rounded corners, a JPEG can not

the work around is said to be to add a border to the rectangular jpeg, then round the edges of said border, then color the border the same as the web background

(effectively creating round corners of an object that really has 90° right angles)

So... I load up my rectangular image... then..
what are the steps to create a border (one that will permit me to do as described above)?

I do not have Photoshop installed:
I do have the free Photoscape
and Xara Web Designer 9 Premium

(The youtube tutorials I've been able to find thus far, seem to be for older versions of Xara software and/ or they include some kind of ClipView tool that apparently the Web Designer does not include
I might have gotten bum information: I probably should have purchased Xara Photo and Graphic Designer MX 2013 but instead I bought Web Designer 9 Premium (someone told me all of the graphics stuff is included in the web versions)
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