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hi everyone

i am trying to set up my first website using wordpress and have run into a snag.

does anyone know how i would edit the header? seems like it should be pretty simple, but even after trying to fiddle with it and watching all kinds of tutorial vids on youtube i still can't figure it out.

thank you in advance.

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    If you are looking to edit the header, you will need to edit your WP theme template.

    You will want to go into Design/Theme Editor.

    Depending on what you are looking to do, there should be a header.php file and a stylesheet (style.css) file, but every theme is a little bit different. Some have additional css files you will need to edit as well.

    What are you trying to edit in your header?

    Let me know if I can do anything to help.

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    adam, thanks for your response. actually i only want to edit the text in the header.

    to put my keyword in line one followed by a description in line 2. just can't find where i would do this.

    thanks again
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    These instructions are for WP 2.7. Let me know if you are using a previous version.

    In your WordPress admin panel go to the "Settings" tab in the left hand sidebar. It is the last section. Click on the first option under "Settings" which is called "General". This is where you change your blog headline and subheadline.

    Let me know if that is not what you were needing.
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    thanks for the help guys....i have done it!!!! very i just have to figure the rest of the formatting out. will try the youtube idea.

    thanks again for all of your help. much appreciated!

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