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Hello Warrior Design Geniuses!

I try not to bother you wonderful folks too often but I'm just really stumped this time.

I need a WP plug in and I can't seem to find the right fit. Been studying hard guys but if I try to code this one myself I just know it's not going to come out right (got a ways to go )

I need a plug-in for one of my clients, she needs to showcase her in store merchandise. She doesn't sell anything online. (No ecommerce, don't need a shopping cart etc) So... basically a gallery plug in with a place for descriptions/prices. She wants to be able to add and remove and rearrange the order of the products. She has basic Wordpress skills but I'd like to find something with a user friendly interface for her.

I've tried 7 or 8 different plug ins and I can't seem to find one that will allow her to rearrange the order of the products easily. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, you guys are amazing. Thank you!!
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    Maybe you should think theme... not plugin.

    "Snapshot" from woothemes comes pretty close to what you described above.

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    You can use WooCommerce + WordPress.

    And then you can disable the shopping cart feature of WooCommerce.

    It will have fields for description, prices, and color choices also, or whatever you can think of.

    Here is a tutorial on how to do it....

    WooCommerce : How to Disable Shopping Cart Function | Terry Tsang : PHP Developer and Wordpress Consultant
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      Why not just place these items in the slider area of whatever template you're using? Most themes these days have one, some better than others of course. If it doesn't, I recommend Revolution Slider. It's maybe $8 or so on CodeCanyon, and is hands down the best available in my opinion. Wouldn't take more than a half hour or so for her to figure out how to use it.

      Edit: Assuming we're not talking about lots and lots of products. If that's the case, ignore the above.
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      As always you guys are amazing! Thank you very, very much. I owe the design warriors like 8 good lunches now If there is ever anything I could help with just send me a PM. I do Local SEO, lead generation, reputation management and SMM. Probably not much use to you but if you think of some way for me to make it up to you let me know, you guys have gotten me out of plenty of jams.
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