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Hey All,

I built my first site over the last couple weeks and I know it's just a matter of time before I rank. Anyone know of any good high PA sites that allow backlinks for firearms? I've tried to search around and I can't seem to find the data I'm looking for. I haven't started monetizing it yet, but plan to soon.

Anyone with any thoughts or opinions on the site are greatly appreciated. Be gentle - this is my first one.

Click the link if you dare.... The Best 22 Rifle.

Just looking for opinions and possible improvements. I know it will take me some time and more content to generate a higher Google ranking. I was initially thinking of monetizing via Amazon, which is why I've done a lot of product reviews. Would AdSense be a better idea?

Thanks everyone for the thoughts and wish me luck!
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    Congrats on your first site - how are you monetizing?
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      Thanks guys! I was thinking of monetizing with Amazon, for accessories, etc. But I'm wondering if AdSense would be a better idea?
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    Add a name capture form, either with an exit pop or on the site with a give away report. You might want to then look for some ways to monetize you sight with some affiliate programs that have something to do with shooting.


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    Congrats on your first site!
    Your decisions of monetizing via Amazon,i think is the right idea towards achieving your dream site.
    Soldier on man and wish you best of luck...........
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    If you are going to go the Amazon rout then you might want to hold off for a while putting your Amazon affiliate links until you get up to the top three on the Google search results. The latest Panda update has been hitting Amazon affiliate sites.
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    I guess Amazon would be a better option. I am not sure whether Adsense would allow your to use their ads on firearms related site.

    Simple Work at Home Reviews

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    Thanks everyone. Fingers crossed. I'm thinking Amazon may be the best route just because there are so many products there that can associate with my reviews. I know adsense does not advertise with firearm ads, but would it for firearm related accessories?
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      Nevermind, I just cruised through the TOS and AdSense is a no go for an firearms related sites. Amazon it is
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        Originally Posted by Norseman Capital View Post

        Nevermind, I just cruised through the TOS and AdSense is a no go for an firearms related sites. Amazon it is
        Congrats to your first site! And yes, Adsense does not allow sites promoting firearms.

        By the way, I think it will help your site will have a Facebook page and Twitter account.

        Just a suggestion, though.

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    I definitely like the site. I don't know much about .22 rifles, but I have the feeling if I stuck around your site, I would learn some. Looks great, nice and simple to navigate, not overwhelming in any way.

    Congratulations on putting this together. I read somewhere up a few posts that someone said to ad an opt-in box so that you can collect emails and start building a list, and an exit pop or something with a free guide. Both great ideas and always better to start sooner than later! Keep it up!

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    Jeff Sollee

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    Looks good. Reminds me of a Niche Pursuits one.

    I guess Amazon will be your choice for monetization.

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    Amazon has low commissions. However, if you good and targeted traffic, amazon can do well.

    Addsense is not a bad idea. it depends on your site content.
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    Amazon is the way to go for your site. It's not against Adsense TOS to place their ads along with Amazon. If I'm not wrong your're following the route of Spencer, right!
    I just wanna tell you that most of the links in the signature are trash and/or a trap to make you pay!
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    Looks good, like another guy said you should capture your leads by building a list.
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    Congratulations on your first site. Keep up the good work
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    I would suggest that you should change your header. It is not at all looking good. You should hire some freelance/professional to get designed.
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    Thanks to everyone for your replies!

    To answer a couple questions - yes this is a niche pusuits website theme. Amazon is how I'm going to monetize but for those that might not be aware, Gander Mountain has a firearms affiliate program as does gun broker. I plan on using both.

    As far as the header - I actually paid an elancer so hopefully not everyone shares your opinion.

    I'm going to add some more content and them explore back linking strats from there. Thanks for all the support!
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    Hi, Your site is good enough and informative. I would like to suggest you to use a little bit colors in your webpages to make it more attractive like you can use colors for hpyerlinks and headings.
    Good wishes for your site.
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    Lots of great information there. You've done a good job. Definitely need a capture form of some sort.

    Remember ads are cool but too many and your site becomes just another made for adsense blog.

    Keep up the pace and best of luck to you.
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    Hi Norseman, first of all Congratulations on your first site!

    I visited your site today, your site is completely informative. I really enjoyed a lot while reading your content. Your content quality is also good but I would like to suggest you to use some vibrant colors in your webpages that makes it eye-catching.

    I wish you all the luck in the world!
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