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Hello i would like to ask you some suggestions/comments and feedback regarding the following wordpress blog
are the color combinations good and the layout of each widgets in the correct place?
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    I like your site. It looks awesome and great. Good job.
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    Wow.. your site is very attractive and the color combination is good if you use red color than may it look more attractive.
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    Your website looks simple and you've a mobile friendly responsive theme which is very good, however I see one thing that is need to be changed, site header looks too big and I think it's better to remove the extra white space it has just above & below logo.png, by doing you'll be able to catch the attention of your visitors to the posts body area.
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    WOW , your site looks nice, Also its a responsible theme.
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    Overall the site looks clean although the one thing that stands out to me that kind of throws it off is the top ad that seems to compete with your banner at the top. The rest looks like a nice organized site.
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    Clean and simple. Well placed advertisements. Good choice of colors. The subtle movement of the slider is nice as well; different from most sliders you see out there.

    Although I like the site, I wonder if it may be too simple considering the main topic would be about graphics.
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    Remove some of the ads. It makes your site look cheap and takes away value from the visitor. If you give value, you'll get value.
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    Nice website!
    Maybe the grey footer can be changed in a lighter grey so that this footer belongs more to the website.

    Also remove the ads. For some visitors, these ads are frustrating & will descrease the user-friendliness.

    If I need to gice you a score: it's 8,5/10

    Kind Regards,
    ICTBoost - Johan Santamaria
    Webdesign Leuven | Webdesign Mechelen | Webdesign Antwerpen | Website laten maken

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    • Profile picture of the author Orhan Alparslan
      Your graphics are very eye catching, keep up the good work!
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    like it, clean and simple... nice work!
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    It looks awesome. The only thing I don't like is the ad in the header.
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    Very nice, I like the look and design.
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    Cool! I like this! :-)
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    You have selected amazing color scheme for your site , and its loading quite fast for me. I would say you should add more contents on yoru website and make it better
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    your website looks pretty cool, i like the slider images that you showcase on your homepage.
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    Site looks good... it's responsive too. Got a lot of empty space to the right of that logo that seems a real shame to waste... above the fold is precious real estate in the web world.
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