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Hey Warriors

Bruised and battered today trying to change my blog from this
www.personalbest.co.uk to this ...


But is keeps coming out like this

Personal Development | Personal BestPersonal Best

as you can see the new theme makes a mess of the pretty
blog section :-(

All I wanted to do was change the site a bit but keep blog more or less as is.

Any suggestions as to fixes plug ins or even if it need a whole new theme gratefully received.
Thanks guys
#beating #wordpress
  • The 2nd link you posted isn't working any more?...

    it could be a directory issue.
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      Thanks I added www 's to that second link it will work now

      Originally Posted by WebdevelopmentGroup View Post

      The 2nd link you posted isn't working any more?...

      it could be a directory issue.

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    Although the second website loaded a lot faster I would personally still stick with the first one. Everything seems to be a lot smaller on the new version although the footer looks great. Why don't you try a new theme, there are plenty of free ones out there as well!
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    I agree with flippmate. The first one is better. So much more personal. Feels more like a live site with lots of information. The first one just feels like a regular corporate information page. The first one will convert better, too.
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