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Hello all,
I am a freelance programmer/technician and am looking to grow my small business through a website. I am good at programming but no so much when it comes to design.. If you could help me decide what is necessary for the site and what would be a good way to set it up.

Joomla site by the way:confused:

Right now the site includes:
User signup
Services page
about page
submit a ticket
random modules to make it look sexy
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    Hire a freelance website maker to do it. End of story.

    (reminder: People who suck at programming, hire freelance programmers...)

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    Joomla is a tough learning curve for someone with no web design experience but there is a very large community supporting it. As you are a programmer, my advice would be to seek help from the Joomla community with the design in return for a plugin or some free coding for those in the community who don't have your expertise. Good Luck
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    I think you should have { Home, pricing or package, portfolio, about you, contact }

    Especially "Home page" you should have...

    -feature of your work
    -How do you work?
    -Why they should hire you?

    Want to see your new website soon
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    Hey! For creating site you need to know a proper information about the platform that you are using, else you have to hire a knowledgeable developer. Before hiring the one get all the info about him and after your satisfaction only hand over your site creation project to him.
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    If you can't even create your own site, you should try to sell that service.

    You have two options. Eighter learn more about design and development or outsource everything.
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