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I am trying to do stylization of only the first letter of an article. I created a class in an external css file. Then I call this class in the html. What should I use to call? I try using <span> or <p>, ie:

<span class="firstLetter">F</span>irst letter here!

The first letter "F" does get all the styles specified, but there is a extra space between letter "F" and "i" which is not what I want. Any suggestion?
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    check your line spacing style.
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      If you have included 'padding' in your CSS class then this could result in the gap you are talking about - you'll need to make sure there is no right hand side padding
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    You don't really need a span for it... there is a pseudo-selector
    CSS :first-letter pseudo-element

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    You might check w3schools where you will find the correct way to do the what you want before going to a forum where you may get incorrect advice.
    Select and style the first letter of every <p> element:

    The :first-letter selector is used to add a style to the first letter of the specified selector.

    Note: The following properties can be used with :first-letter:
    • font properties
    • color properties
    • background properties
    • margin properties
    • padding properties
    • border properties
    • text-decoration
    • vertical-align (only if float is 'none')
    • text-transform
    • line-height
    • float
    • clear
    You could use the school example to apply to all <p> elements or create a <p> class to apply only to the <p>'s in the class.


    ...Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just set there.
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