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Hi guys,

Still very new around here and trying to stop myself from posting a question every 5 seconds. This has been a wonderful resource and community so far.

So I've built two websites, one on a horrible WYSIWYG editor for a business owner and my own. The first one was an opportunity I jumped on having zero experience whatsoever, had to build the website with no direction, no layout, no pictures, and no content so I learned his business from the ground up (powder coating factory).

There's a lot more involved in the story and trying to teach all this to myself but I can get to rambling so, on to my question! I was hoping I could get some input on my own business site. I'm not the best designer as I'm not all that artistically creative but I did design the banner (and every single picture on the other website I built) and I'd like to know if you guys can give me a serious critique of whether or not I'm off to a good start.

Not many of my friends have liked my page (which could be my focus on marketing over the computer services) and if there are design elements I can change to make it a bit more engaging I'd love to hear about it. I know there is a host of improvements that could be made I just need a starting place.

Thank you for any advice!

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    Your website is clean and basic which provides a good start to build upon. It's not overwhelming to look at and its easy to navigate.

    Having said that, its also uninspiring and could be warmer and more engaging.

    I would move the logo out of the banner and place it in the top left of the site.
    I would use the banner space to promote my services and show some happy people (stock photos representing customers, clients, etc.).
    I would make the banner rotate or use some subtle animation to add something engaging.
    I would also use some infographics and some more photo stock of people to represent customers or your team. Also use some icons and images to represent the services you offer.

    These are a few things to start with, I'd be happy to review it again in the future once you make some changes.

    I wish you great success with your website, all the best.
    FiveStead - Buy and sell small services and products.
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    Thank you very much. Great suggestions.

    2 things

    Any suggestions on where to obtain stock photos like the ones you mentioned?

    Also, can you elaborate on what you mean when you say to make the banner rotate?
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      It's not bad. But you are representing a computer/tech page. Your header is a little misleading. I thought the social names, were going to link me to your social pages. But instead it just refreshes to the home page. The colors in the header are nice, but they also overtake your logo. Nothing really jumps out. Yes simple is nice, but I think it's a little to simple. If I were looking for PC help, I would want to see something more professional. I'd say your name and header area should be the selling point for you. When people are looking for computer help they are mor then likely, going to be pricing a few out before deciding on one. Make them remember your name, but like posted above. It's a start.
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    Just a quick observation.

    The Facebook box on the right side was really jumpy for me and doesn't stay in one spot on the screen -- as a result, my attention was drawn to it.

    But your site is a business site... so the goal of your site should be to keep visitors, and convert them to customers. Not send them to facebook... so my advise would be to just remove it. Completely.

    Use FB to channel visitors to your site... not the other way around.
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    you can add an aweber form to build a list to your site, that will benefit a lot in your internet business.
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      1. Where do you live?
      2. I guess you provide service for local residents??
      3. Warsaw Indiana - I found that in the 2 paragrapgh
      4. I also google in incognito google "Warsaw Indiana Pc repair" you did not come up
      4. I would buy a URL with the cities name in it and re-start.
      5. I would also not use yoast SEO tools.
      6. I would focus on content 100 articels on PC repair in Warsaw
      7. Get google authorship google plus - and put the H Data in there with Snippet reviews and coupons.

      I make it extrovert on NAME LOCATION....otherwise no one will know where your are
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    Great first job. My only questions for you are... What is it you want someone to do when they come to your site? What is the purpose of your site? At the moment... I am not sure what you want someone to do unless it is just look around. If you want to get customers for your business.. then you need to change things up especially on that front page and show them what you offer and how they can benefit by using you.... include some testimonials too. You've only got so long to grab someone by the throat and show them why they should be using you. But hey, just my 2 cents and as I said "great first job."
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    I would stay away from free themes as a tech company. Although we are an ad agency, with a web design department my clients often ask me to fix the IT issues they have. I also have an IT client that sends me their clients for websites because they do not make them.

    My point is... You need a great website! The public will associate your IT knowledge based on your websites looks and usability. If you cant afford a custom site I would suggest a premium template, perhaps from themeforest. Go to fiverr and get some high quality slides and banners made for the website, and customize the site from the theme options.

    PS If you buy a new wordpress theme your content will stay on the site, although it may need some style as well.
    Fueled by Advertising Experts.
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