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I am trying to figure out what would be a good wordpress theme. I do not want anything where html css or any coding is needed. I see that elegant themes and WP Eden have plugins that look like they may resolve this problem.

My question: What is the best, warrior forum suggested, Wordpress themes that I will not need coding. What will give me the best business themes with easy building and high quality. Having items like picture/content sliding headers, and all top notched wordpress capabilities!

Thank you.
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    If you install a wordpress theme, there is no need to do any wordpress coding. You will get inbuilt code within the theme. And you may buy business themes from any wordpress themes selling website. Check here the list of few websites where you can buy such themes 20+ Websites Where you can Buy Wordpress Themes ~ Web knowledge - PixelCrayons
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    You can go for woothemes or studiopress (genesis framework).

    Both have lot of possitive reviews.
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    If you ask 20 people what is the best theme, you will get 30 different answers.

    My suggestion would be to go to WordPress › Most Popular « Free WordPress Themes and look through them.

    Before you settle on one, look at the support section of that theme and get a feel for whether or not the theme developer is responding to user issues.

    Look to see whether or not many are marked "[resolved]"

    Keep in mind that many issues are not a problem with the theme, but with a plugin or with a user trying to do something beyond the capability of the theme or even WordPress.


    ...Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just set there.
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    I think You should choose the theme according to your website topic.
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    I use Thesis, Optimize Press, and Asana.

    All require no coding
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    Every WP theme is "ready" - no need for coding if one just wants to use it. That's for starters.

    Unfortunately, people with 0 [zero] skills think they are web designers and know better than the theme authors... so they come up with crazy (< and I was mild!) ideas to modify the themes. That's when the problems start.

    If you don't know squat of web design - just do NOT touch the theme! Use it as it is! Period.

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      I like "Blog Design Studio NewBlue", very well laid out and easy to use.

      Work smarter not harder

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    This site here: Click Here has many WordPress themes for whatever niche or style your going for from an eCommerce site to a personal blog. It includes a very clean and professional design with tons of premium features.
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    If you want to get an idea about the correct standards of themes, using the theme directory you won't go wrong. All the themes you see their have been approved by the community and have are built with the correct standards of code.

    A lot of WordPress themes out there have been rushed and include a lot of bloated/unnecessary code that should be avoided
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    As of right now I think this is my best bet personally but still open to discuss the best option when it comes to choosing the best WP theme.
    You did the right thing: based on your needs (and, hopefully, based on the planned website) you decided what would be a good theme for YOUR website.

    Every question asking the "the best..." (theme, plugin, setup, BS) - is stoopid. Plain stupid. There is no "best" anything. Themes, design layout, plugins etc. should always be decided based on the specifics of the owner's site, not some idiotic ideas posted to increase the post numbers in the forum

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    I've used WP for many years and have chosen themes based on what looks best for that kind of website. Now that I've come to setting up an IM site it has been interesting to see what kinds of themes work and which ones don't. I have been trying to achieve a look that doesn't shout "blog." However, the magazine themes out there are almost universally over-complicated and not very pretty. Currently my favorite is Pinboard Theme. It has a "pinterest" look to it and some elegant bells and whistles. I haven't been too happy with its slider function but all in all it gives a nice look. You can look here and here for some examples of sites I've built on Pinboard recently.
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    I'm not sure if you know this but there are Wordpress plugins that put picture sliders onto your homepage for you. If you see a theme that you like but it doesn't have a slider built into it then I'd suggest trying one of the Wordpress slider plugins.
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    The problem with the Pinboard slider is that it resizes the photos in weird ways so that your website ends up jumping around because the photos in the slider are of varying heights. I think the only work around is to make sure all your featured images for the slider are the same dimension. Having to set a featured image every time is also a pain.
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      A free and highly customizable theme I use for all my WP websites (Only two so far) is Suffusion.

      Why? Because it does allow for a very custom website, it has good responsive options, is updated a lot and it's free.
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