VPS with cloudflare or Cloud hosting?

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Hey warriors!

Should I use VPS from WiredTree or HostGator and then put Cloudflare with it...

Or just use a cloud solution like Rackspace or Liquidweb (but these seem more expensive) ...not sure though

I'm curious what you think is the best in terms of price/scalability if traffic jumps (I will have a site that gets a lot of traffic to the homepage and will use video, membership area, Digital Access Pass, wordpress)

Thanks so much for any advise you can provide!
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    A VPS from WiredTree is going to outperform HostGators VPS's by a long shot.

    CloudFlare is a CDN which aids in caching static content. Cloud hosting is better for scalability & distribution, not necessarily better in terms of performance.
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    In 2013, CloudFlare is actually (often) responsible for SLOWING DOWN sites. It's not a very good CDN, especially the free one. Dynamic db-driven sites like WordPress don't really gain much. There's a lot of hype surrounding CF, but it's just that -- hype. All bark, not much bite.

    You're better off with a really good hosting server.
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    Check out servint.net - very reputable VPS host with excellent support (above and beyond). Check the reviews.
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      Use a cloud solution from a2hosting or servermania.
      Both companies have stable servers which are well-balanced and prices are not high.
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