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Hey everyone,

I've recently launched a 'Speed Dating' business based in N.Ireland and our website has just went live earlier this week. We were wondering if we could get some feedback on the layout/content?


Any advice/feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards
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    Hey this is a nice site.

    With your bar at the top with home/how it works/faq etc, it seems like it'll be able to fit in the middle of the page? Other than that I think it's a strong site.

    Good luck with the site/company


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    looks good. the theme colors are refreshing and video added attraction to the site.
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    you need to use HTML. index.php/how-it-works ->how-it-works.html
    your logo I don't like.
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      Thanks for the replies guys
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        I like the color theme because its refreshing and fits the niche. The video is a nice touch and is engaging and conveys your message well. I would much rather watch a quick video than read a bunch of text.

        The site overall is clean and the layout is good. You could enhance the register and login text with an icon or some font styling to make it stand out more (from your perspective you want people to register).

        Your guarantee is nice to have but its at the bottom. Making it more visible and better located may enhance the selling point.

        I like your social media integration and how your cross networking your assets. Great!

        I like your logo, it works and looks good.

        Overall Nice Site. All the best with your efforts and website!
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          Hi QuestionDate,

          I have a few suggestions:

          Firstly, I think the layout of the site is pretty good, but I was taken aback by the blue and pink colour scheme. I'm not exactly sure why you chose that colour scheme (perhaps blue refers to males and pink refers to females..?), and while it looks casual, the colours seem a little amateurish and not-professional. I do think there are many other shades of blue and pink that might work more effectively than the current selection, but I personally would not go with those colours (at least not in that combination).

          Don't get me wrong: I do think you can work out something with the chosen colours, but because the colours are exceeding fresh, vivid, and slightly feminine, it can probably work well only if your website design is likewise creative and fresh and youthful. Here is a compilation of websites that make use of a similar blue and pink colour scheme:

          Chamelle Design and Photography Blog » Hot Pink and Blue websites

          Note how their designs, especially Havaianas Brazil and MTV Russia have really creative and funky website designs to match the colours. And it also helps that their websites have a youthful image and target audience.

          There are probably other ways to communicate fun and refreshing in a dating site apart from the usage of such colours. Perhaps you could convey that idea more in the content as well as the tone of your site.

          I feel that the graphic elements in the site do not gel well with each other. The logo, the white cut-outs at the top, and the cartoon Twitter bird do not really compliment each other. Your other visual elements, like the ones for 'Categories', 'Location', etc. are pretty ok. If you choose to use vector style images, try to make it consistent throughout your site. The 'Follow Me' twitter cartoon could be replaced with the pink Twitter logo that you have on the right sidebar.

          I'm guessing that the three white cut-out silhouettes at the top of your site are landmarks in Northern Ireland, but they do not serve much of a purpose, since they are not very prominent, nor do they appear to have any relevance to the purpose of the site (unless the dating locations are related to those landmarks somehow?) Then again, I could be way off here, since I have no knowledge of the landmarks of Northern Ireland.

          The photo collage that you have at the centre of your website has cropped off your site title, leaving it to be 'QuestionDat'. Perhaps you could just have the photos fill the entire space, and if you do want to place your logo there (though not necessary, since your logo can already be seen at the top left corner), at least place it somewhere at the bottom right or left corner of the photo collage.

          Again, your photos show a fun, cool, but sophisticated and mature dating scene, but the website theme doesn't really compliment that.

          A couple of small issues:
          Some of your text is in a san-serif font, and others are in serif. Like the text below the photo collage in the main page is san-serif, but the text under the 'Read Our Blog' section on the right sidebar is a serif font. Likewise, the text in all your other pages are of a serif font as well. Do try to make it consistent.

          Another small issue as well, but the text colour of the word 'Antrim', and 'Events' under your 'Events' page is of a different pink from the headers of the other pages.

          In general, the site layout is pretty clean and concise, and the relevant information is easy to find, so the layout aspect of the site is pretty good.

          Hope my suggestions will be helpful to you, and I wish you all the best!


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            Thanks very much for that very detailed review. I'll definitely take on board what you said and make some changes.

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    I like its, it's laid out very simply, you can find the information easily and the images are attractive..
    Great job
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    Looks pretty nice, however, one thing I suggest is working on the navbar. Make it cleaner, and more professional.
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    I think the layout works well. On the flip side, I'm having a little trouble with the color scheme. In certain places, specifically the navigation, the text is a bit hard to read.
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    I love the website and the colors...it's just FUN! I am on Firefox and the main PIC took a little long to load...HOW did you make that great pic?
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    Hi QuestionDate ,

    Congratulations on your Speed Dating website . I visited your Dating website today, I really enjoyed a lot while reading your informative website content. You have an awesome content but my suggestion for you is to add up vivacious colors in your website to give it an aesthetic appeal.

    All the best for your Dating website!
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    I think it is looking very nice because you are give all things there such as FAQ, how it works, contact. It is really good.

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    According to me, you shouldn't combine pink and cyan color together. should change cyan color to other color.
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    I think you just use useless colors which will not attract the people.Your idea is good i appreciate but make your site look better and attractive.
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    I think you need first of all remove that twitter pic. Looks very old fashioned.Other suggestion
    Reduce intensity of blue area
    Pink is too dark. The pink colour in Date in Question Date is ok
    Too much text making it too complicated-remember google
    Overall you need to check other cool dating sites

    Thanks & Regards,
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    Seems your website speed dating appearance is not quiet good. Need to improve more in colour combination. Something like darkish is acceptable.
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    Your website is looking very attractive and you have used the images very well.
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    I checked it, it is looking very good and loading very fast.

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    As others have mentioned, the colour scheme is a little gaudy - try a free online designer such as Color Scheme Designer 3.

    Also, the main image is an insane 1500x1200 pixels being shown in 636x509 pixels - it's no wonder it takes a while to load! Shrink it down, convert it to a png and run it through another free compression site like TinyPNG.

    Other than that - the contents are fun and friendly.

    Best of luck and hope it does well.
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    I like the website. Colors of the website aren't bad to me.

    I think the site will do well.


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