New logo for my business. NEED FEEDBACK

by YuNeZz
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Hello, I've designed a logo for my current business (ARGANA CEATION), & I need some feedback & opinions...

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    Well, the actual design looks really cool. But I have no idea what you do from that logo... I am assuming you are a web designer? So how about adding something.. a sub title that tells me what you do or what you can do for me... Web Designer & Graphic Artist or something more catchy. Hope this helps.
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    the font of your actual company name looks good enough as well as the colorful design, what bores me is the huge gray background. maybe you can try something black or dark blue
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      Originally Posted by curationsoft View Post

      the font of your actual company name looks good enough as well as the colorful design, what bores me is the huge gray background. maybe you can try something black or dark blue
      I like the gray, it makes the colors pop
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    According to me, logo is too much colors. But may be suitable for you.!
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    In what Industry this Logo for ?
    If this Loog for Design Industry this Logo is awesome I like it.
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      Overall, I think the design looks good. In regards to the colors, it may be best too simplify it. If you were to ever get it printed on promotional material (ie t-shirts), it would cost a fortune because of all the colors. How would a black and white version look?

      Also, I think the "a" just inside the three triangles would look better if it were a solid color instead of striped.
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    The logo is good for me and I think the color does not matter as long as it fits your site objective.
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    Hi YuNeZz,

    I must say, that is a very nice logo (if this is for a design company! I really like the fonts used, too! I do have a couple of suggestions, though.

    Firstly, If your company is called 'Argana Creation', why is the word 'Creation' on top of the 'Argana'? Maybe you could place it under the 'Argana' word.

    I do agree with kwc that the 'a' encapsulated by the three triangles/diamonds might work better if it was of a solid colour rather than having black and white stripes.

    While I do like the multi-coloured stripes in your logo, there are a lot of repeated colours, like the light green being present in all three triangle/diamond, and royal blue in the top two triangle/diamond, with a lighter cyan-blue in the bottom triangle/diamond. I think the coloured stripes would work better if they are:
    1) All having the same exact colours and order, e.g. all blue, green, and red.
    2) all having totally different colours, e.g. blue, green, red for first triangle/diamond; orange, yellow, purple for second triangle/diamond, etc.

    Hope this helps,

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    I absolutely love the 'a' icon; However, I'm not to sure on the font used for 'argana'
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    Hi YuNeZz ,

    As per my opinion your logo design is good but my suggestion for you is to add up some vivacious colors in your background to give it an aesthetic appeal.

    All the best for your Website Logo!
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    According to me it is looking very good with light colors.

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    The logo is really good, but do let us know for which industry it is designed for. If it is for Website Design Company, no issues it is fit and fine. In case if it is for other type of industries, we can suggest you few more ideas.
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    I think the stripes in the black letter thingy are overkill combined with the coloured stripes.
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    It would be better, if you add a caption . Also quality of the logo looks a bit low.
    Hope this helps.

    Thanks & Regards,
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    I love the main logo design.

    Not too much impressed with all the grey text on the left.

    IMHO If the logo was trimmed top and bottom - it would look a lot better.

    As others have said - it doesn't suggest what it's for. Saying that, nor does 'M' or Shell or Esso etc
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    The image quality can be improved; if the image text is shiny; it would have been great !!
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