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I am working on an idea to build an members only site. This would mostly consist of training videos. What are my options for hosting these videos as I do not want them to be publicly available.

I have looked into youtube and it seems that you can mark them as unlisted or private. The issue is anyone with a link and see the unlisted videos and private it attach you specific youtube accounts.

I am looking at amember pro to handle the membership's and billing but still need to work out how to host the videos and have them only available on my members site to logged in members.

I am planning on building the members site with wordpress.

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    aMember Pro includes FlowPlayer commercial license, so you will have full-featured video player hosted right on your pages.

    There are 2 choices to host protected videos with aMember. In both cases you can be sure videos will be available only for registered members who paid and who's subscription is not expired.

    1. You can host it right on your website. Just upload it at aMember CP -> Protect Content -> Video. This option works fine for small websites if your videos are not too big (videos less than 20M and you have less than 200 active members/day playing the video).

    2. Another option is to use Amazon S3 service to store and serve your videofiles. It sounds complicated but in fact it is easy to do. Just register at Amazon S3, Cloud Computing Storage for Files, Images, Videos and upload your video files to the Amazon servers. Then in aMember you can choose to serve these files as videos again at aMember Cp -> Protect Content -> Video. This option may cost you additional $$ for traffic and files storage, but you are absolutely not limited in performance and files size. aMember includes all necessary to use this option - no additional plugins or software required.

    It is not a problem to start with (1) and move to (2) when you feel it is necessary.
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      I don't have any experience with aWeber, but I do use Amazon S3 with Digital Access Pass on my WordPress site. It really is easy to use. One thing you need to be aware of is lag time if you are storing your files in one area and someone is trying to download them from a distance. The download rates will be horrible.

      The easy answer to this problem is adding CloudFront to your account, which like S3, is very reasonably priced. Makes the transaction much smoother for those downloading far away from your server files.

      I also looked into the YouTube private venue, and it just isn't a good long-term solution. There are other avenues that you can use to solve this, but S3 is the most reasonable as far as service and price that I have found.
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    I have come across a few membership sites that use a Vimeo Pro account. For tutorial videos on my website, I use YouTube but the video's are unlisted and I just embed to them. You could also create .swf files and serve them from your own website, but they are not iPad friendly.
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