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Basically, we are launching an app for personal trainers AND people that want to get in shape that allows them to: share workouts, meal plans, track money/expenses, and virtually anything else you can think of. We priced it at $5 a month with the first month for free. My question is this: Do you like the design? Does it look good as a landing page? Overall, do you like it? Thanks a bunch in advance!

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    Nice...the mobile feed is bizarre...I am get all kinds of stuff that probably will confuse the customer...Take the feed off and put a fake screen on!
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    Awesome website man i like it very much.
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      Nice easy on the eyes layout. At first glance I couldnt tell exactly what you were selling me. I had to scroll down and read a huge block of text to understand what I was looking at.

      Obviously you are targetting a very select customer base that run a Personal Training Business. Nice site tho. Just seems like a very niche/limited market.

      If anything increase the headers font size.

      "Mobile Assistant to Your Personal Training Business"

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  • Fantastic,

    Overall I think the design elements are very nice. I would just change some things with the layout of the text.

    Even though you only have to scroll a little bit, you shouldn’t place important information where visitors will have to look down to see it. The huge blocks of text are also a no-no. People scan text on a web page for the most part and when there are lots of paragraphs, they feel anxiety.

    Find a way to break up the information and only include what is most important to convert people. Try using bulleted lists.

    Also, I’m not sure how you are driving people to this page but if it is with an ad, make sure any keywords you used or value proposition is also present on the page. If people don’t see the elements that enticed them to come to the page in the first place, they tend to think they aren’t in the right place.

    All that being said, you have a very nice page and it definitely isn’t even close to the worst one I’ve ever seen. If I were you, I would run a test using the changes I and others have suggested while leaving this one up at the same time and see what works better. You could very well already have a really good page.


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    A few thing that will hopefully help you:

    1. The quality of the images are a little poor (although I am using retina, so my be ok to most)

    2. Use bullet points rather than a paragraph of features - more 'scannable'

    3. Add social credibility - testimonials (with pics and real links), review snippets, social icons, etc

    4. Add trust icons - association memberships, etc

    5. Who else uses the product? Add any trustworthy users/companies for increased credibility

    And then test, test, and retest every element of the page!

    Good luck,
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    Yes, the look is very good and I the cause is in demand to get more users for this app. I am sure you are getting to get some good customers for your app.
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    Overall design is very good. Remember that people are lazy and you need to help them get to the point as much as you can. That is, the CTA should be also on the bottom of website, or you can put a small button in corner which is getting to the top faster.

    Anyway, you are promoting app for mobiles, so why the website is not responsive?

    Find me here

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    Design is ok but logo is too small and putting in center of page.
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    Thanks for all the input thus far everyone!
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    The site looks good since the above folds simply fits the screen (I don't know with other browser). It needs a little "spice it up" so that it catches automatically the attention of the visitor. But overall the site looks good.
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    Hey guys! The development team made some of the changes that you all recommended.

    Would you mind talking a re-look and letting me know your thoughts now?

    Thanks a bunch!
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    According to me, the website is not very attractive or something that would make me inclined to the website. I find the website okayish design wise but accessibility wise the website us pretty good. Its clean and neat. I wish it was little more attractive and this would have been perfect.
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