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by JimOrr
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I a little help from need someone who knows Optimize Press.

I am a very tech savvy person but I am so tired of spending endless hours trying to figure out how to make one simple change using this template.

The site is pretty much done. Spent way too much time going through endless training videos and documentation only to have what I needed needed to know not cover at all.

Here is what I have.
1. I have a membership site.
2. Sales Page is using "Sales Style 1 (sales letter standard) template.

What I need to know is how to create a Membership Login link at the top right of the sales page just above the video. This link will send someone to an amember login page (although not sure that part matters).

Can someone please step me through how to do this? This is a standard thing to have on a sales page and see it all the time.

Thanks in advance

Additional note...

If any one involved with Optimize Press sees this let me also state that this is an absolute FANTASTIC theme. On a scale of 1 to 10 on features, it is an 11. Judging it strictly on ease of use I give it a -11

I come from a background of many years experience as a Software Quality Control Engineer. I worked on and helped design several different marketing tools and membership sites that many here I am sure have heard of. Some may even know which ones because you already know me.

I can tell you much of the difficulty with this theme could easily be resolved by doing a few changes to the layout and flow of the menu. For a small consultation fee I would be more then happy to discuss it with you.

I am just sayin' ....
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    You can turn on Sales Page Navigation, then add a WP menu with the link to the login page.

    You can add the html code to the actual template in the theme editor.

    You can plop it right the top of the content editor and justify it to the right.

    Any will work
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